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Chapter One 1.1 Background of Study Workforcediversity is considered as a valuable asset that a business or anorganization will need in seeking a competitive advantage in a globaleconomy. In order to maintain success and maintain the competitiveadvantage, the organization must be able to draw on the mostimportant resource such as the skills of the workforce. Despiteit being viewed as a valuable asset it is also conceptualized in manydifferent ways over the years and signifies different things todifferent groups and individuals within organizations and society.Some may see diversity as proportional representation of variousdemographic and social groups in the workplace.

Others may see it asthe involvement of overcoming cultural prejudice and instilling newvalues about difference in the organization or it may imply changingwork practices to encompass cultural influences of different socialgroups. The research aims in outlining the effect of workforcediversity based on the performance of the employees in the CountyGovernment of Nairobi. The globalperspective of diversity is no longer just a black and white, maleand female, old and young issue It is considered to be actually morecomplicated and interesting than that. Harris Sussman states thatdiversity is about our contentedness, interactions and relatedness.

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Diversity ranges from a bridge between the organization life to thereality of how people live, building corporate capability, theinterrelationship framework between people, the learning exchange,strategic lens on the world. With this it implies that a diverseworkforce is the ability to tap into the many talents that employeesfrom different backgrounds, perspectives, abilities and disabilitiesbring to the workplace. 1.2 Statement Of The Problem Workforcediversity is considered a global workplace and marketplace topic,therefore business that wishes to be successful and having aborder-less view and an underlying commitment to ensuring thatworkforce diversity is part of its day-today business conduct (Child,2005). Sungjoo and Rainey,(2010) argues that understanding the impacts of diversity onorganizational outcomes, for example organizational performance,employee satisfaction, and turnover, is essential. In the mid-1980sthis trend emerged, thus being proclaimed as an opportunity fororganizations to become more creative, hence reaching previouslyuntapped markets, and in return achieving and maintaining acompetitive advantage (Loriann and Carol, 2007). In2010 Victoria and Mary argued that companies have a tendency to trainemployees upon hire, conduct ethics test but at the end employeeswill still make decisions to break the rules with their behavior whenit comes to diversity.

TheCounty Government of Nairobi has a workforce drawn from almost allthe 42 ethnic groups of Kenya who work under unique social andenvironmental circumstances that provided a case study on workforcediversity. This study focused on the relationship among ethnicity,gender and educational background, towards employee performance atthe County Government of Nairobi. 1.3 Research Objectives Themain objective is to establish a better understanding on the socialbackground of employee performance in relationship with demographicvariables.

1.3.1 General Objectives Thegeneral objective of this study is proposed in order to gain anaccurate and deep understanding of the effect of workforce diversityon employee work performance at the County Government of Nairobi. 1.

3.2 Specific Objectives To determine the effect of education level on employee work performance at the County Government of Nairobi To determine the effect of ethnicity on employee work performance at the County Government of Nairobi. To determine the effect of gender on employee work performance at the County Government of Nairobi.

1.4 Research QuestionsTheresearch questions this proposed research are; Does education have an effect on employee work performance at the County Government of Nairobi? Does ethnicity have an effect on employee work performance at the County Government of Nairobi? Does gender have an effect on employee work performance at the County Government of Nairobi? 1.5 Scope of the Study Thisproposed study is for gaining and having an accurate and deepunderstanding of the effect of workforce diversity on employee workperformance at the County Government of Nairobi. The study willinvolve the use of interviews, use of questionnaires andobservations. The study duration is two months.

1.6 Significance of Study Diversityis viewed as part of the key strategy rather than a business expense.The importance of this study is diversity would lead to synergisticperformance when team members are able to understand and appreciateeach other hence capitalize on one another experiences, knowledge andperspectives. Through effective communication, members would be ableto evaluate problems and situations from various viewpoints,determine underlying cultural assumptions and create a common socialreality, ascertain and explain culturally synergistic alternativesolutions appropriately, and establish agreed-upon norms forinteraction. Diversifyingworkers from different education background creates opportunities forgreater innovation and more creative solutions to problems.

Consequently, the management is diversified and work on the effectsof increasing diversity is the key to assuring that the organizationwill be able to fully benefit from bringing underrepresented groupsinto the organization. Workforcediversity is closely related with Human Resource Management thusattract and recruit the most talented people from a pool of diverseworkforce. Such a diversity-driven approach towards recruiting arange of qualified candidates is needed not least because of thecountry’s diverse population of gender and age.

therefore adiversified human resources will contribute to determining andrealizing strategic objectives of the organization, and have asystematized approach for making a linkage between organizationexcellence and effective people management is critical toorganizational continuity. Thestudy improves the understanding toward culture difference and at thesame time promotes a better communication with workers from differentethnicity background. Theoptimum outcome of this study is to benefit the county government ofNairobi by getting along with the top management and workers fromdifferent backgrounds that would find the information in this studyuseful in accessing the value of workforce diversity in their county.

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