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Chapter 14: A Funny Kind of Peace (pages 165 to 175)- This chapter focuses on the Taliban and the provincial government agreeing to a peace treaty allowing girls under the age of ten to go to school. In this chapter Malala notifies us that her classmates are eleven, but pretend they are ten in order to continue their schooling. Militant Sufi Muhammad gives the trust of ceasing the Taliban, but no peace occurs.

Chapter 15: Leaving the Valley (pages 176 to 188)- In this chapter Malala and her family are told to leave their home- Swat Valley and she leaves all of her books and belongings behind, not knowing when they will return. The whole family not including her father live in her uncle’s house where Malala goes to school with her cousin.Chapter 16: The Valley of Sorrows (pages 189 to 204)- In this chapter Malala and her family return back home after three months as an IDP (Internally Displaced Persons). The Prime Minister declared that the Taliban had moved out, and Malala flees to Islamabad with her school to learn about politics and deliver speeches.

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In this chapter, Malala informs us that she turns thirteen on July, 2010.Chapter 17: Praying to Be Tall (pages 205 to 217)- In this chapter Osama bin Laden was taken and killed by American forces.  Malala earns 500,000 rupees from winning awards given to her by the prime minister and other foreign governments which she gives to charity.

Chapter 18: The Women and the Sea (pages 218 to 226)- In this chapter Malala and her father flee to Karachi to do more speeches and Malala starts to receive death threats.Chapter 19: A Private Talibization(pages 227 to 235)- This chapter takes place on July 12, and Malala turns fourteen. She informs us that her school is threatened and bad rumors are being scattered about the school and its teachings. On August 3rd, Malala’s father’s friend, Zahid Khan is shot, and the family fears that their father is next, but he continues to talk about education, politics, and rights.

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