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Chapter 10: Firstly, Scout and Jem wonder why their father is old and why he did nothing. Like working in “an office and not in a drug store”(Lee 118). Jem and Scout got air rifles and Scout pointed hers at Mrs Maudie. Next, one Saturday Jem and Scout went exploring with their air rifles, when they saw Tim Johnson, Mr Harry Johnson’s dog, the dog seemed off as it was walking down their street towards their house.

Jem and Scout go home to tell Calpurnia, she tells them that it is a mad dog. She gets worried so she calls Atticus, he brings the sheriff, Heck Tate. Tate brings his rifle and gives it for Atticus to shoot the dog because when he was younger he was such an amazing shooter that people called him one-shot. Atticus hits the dog on the first shot.

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Lastly, Miss Maudie tells Jem and Scout how their father had the best shot in Maycomb County in his time. Scout is very interested in finding out about one-shot that she wants to tell people but Jem tells her not to tell people because if Atticus wanted people to know then they would have found it out sooner. The chapter was mainly about the mad dog going down the street and Atticus’s secret about having the nickname one-shot.Prediction: I predict based on the chapter that either Scout or Jem will accidentally shoot a Mockingbird. I also think that more people will find out about Atticus’s nickname one-shot and that he will be unhappy about it. I think people will find out because Scout will accidentally say it when defending her father.

Chapter 11: Firstly, on their way into town Jem and Scout passed Mrs. Dubose’s house, she was an old lady who always stared down Jem and Scout and shouted at them when they walked passed her house. Jem and Scout did not like her but Atticus tells them to be kind to her because she is sick. Next, Mrs. Dubose tells Jem and Scout that their father is “no better than the n***** and the trash he works for” (Lee 135). Jem gets very angry and takes Scouts baton and destroys all the Camellia bushes in her yard. Atticus finds out and as a punishment Jem has to read to Mrs.

Dubose everyday. Scout goes with Jem. After every day Mrs. Dubose has outbursts and each day the longer they stay there. Lastly, Mrs. Dubose dies after Jem stops seeing her for his punishment. Jem and Scout find out from Atticus that she was addicted to pills and the reading was her one thing that helped to try to stop her addiction.

Later, Jem gets a box that was left by Mrs. Dubose for him. In it it was a camellia flower which is how they started spending time together because if he did not chop of her flowers on the bush he never would have read to her. The chapter was mainly about the time Jem and Scout spent with Mrs.

Dubose and how she impacted them.

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