CHAPTER the lubricity property of vegetable oils is

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CHAPTER1INTRODUCTION      In the last twodecades , the use of biodegradable products has been risen as these productshas many potential benefits of greenhouse balance.

Also the oils extracted fromsome vegetables and mineral products has been used for the purpose oflubrication. After the petroleum and cheaper oils came into existence,alternatives went unnoticed. Again the attention fell on vegetable oils duringthe time of war and when there is a lack of oil. During World WarI and World War II, vegetable oils has been used as an alternative for fuel,lubricants, greases and energy transfer swiftly. The interest of usingvegetable oil as a lubricant has increased globally over the last two years. Vegetableoils can and have been used as lubricants in their natural forms. The processflow cycle of  vegetable oil as lubricantis shown in Figure1.

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1. They have various merits and demerits when it comes toindustrial and machinery lubrication. On an positive note, the lubricityproperty of vegetable oils is far remarkable and admirable when compared tomineral oils. Lubricity is very potential in few applications like tractor transmissions, friction materials forreducing clutch slippage.      The very frequently usedvegetable oils are rapeseed (canola oil), soybean, corn, sunflower, safflower,peanut, etc. When two metals collide with each other inmobility then there will be wear on the metal surfaces and more heat will beproduced. Frictionis the resistive force acting on the relative motion of solid surfaces, fluidlayers, and material elements sliding against each other. Wear isrelated to interactions between surfaces and specifically the removal anddeformation of material on a surface as a result of mechanical action of theopposite surface.

So lubricants are used in those places toreduce the amount of wear and heat produced. Many different metals are used buthere steel is used as the metal surface. The instrument used to find the wearand CoF (Coefficient of Friction) is Pin on Disk.

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