Chapters 32,33,34,& 36.

Which of the following can be paraphrased?
Poem, a passage from a novel, a short essay, all of the above

Most summaries of literary texts focus on

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A paragraph delineating the use of repeated words, phrases, and images in Stephen Crane’s “The Open Boat” would be considered a

The act of summarizing can best be described as
affected by the summarizer’s attitude toward and understanding of the original text.

How long does a paraphrase tend to be in relation to its original text?
at least as long as the original

Which of the following would be an appropriate topic for a description, as it is defined in this chapter?
an account of sound imagery in Poe’s “The Cask of Amontillado”

Which of the following would be considered a formal element of a literary text?
an account of sound imagary i Poe;s “The Cast of Amontillado.” A summarry of the plot Lahin’s “Interperter of Maladies.” An account of your personal response to reading Browning’s “How do I love Thee?” all of the above

The opening lines of Book 1 of John Keats’s poem Endymion read, “A thing of beauty is a joy for ever: / Its loveliness increases . . .” What term best describes the relationship of the following sentence to Keats’s original lines? “Beautiful objects become more beautiful over time and will always bring us happiness.


How long does a summary tend to be in relation to its original text?
significantly shorter than the original

Paraphrase most closely resembles

When should you provide evidence in the form of quotations from the literary text?
when the text’s wording is significant

Which of the following best describes how specific facts become evidence in an essay?
through active interpretation

How should you format the title of a sonnet?
in quotation marks

In what order should body paragraphs be presented?
in any logical sequence that supports the essay’s argument

An effective conclusion might focus on any of the following except
a summary of the essay up to the point of the conclusion.

How should you format the title of a short story?
in quotation marks

How should you format the title of a journal?
in italics

Each body paragraph should develop a specific claim that is clearly stated in
a topic sentence.

A thesis should be
open to complexity.

In what tense should you refer to actions that occur within, or that are performed by, a work of literature?
present tense

A thesis should be
a debatable, interpretive claim.

Which of the following is not necessarily something a good introduction does?
It honestly acknowledges the writer’s personal investment in the text.

Which term best describes the following claim: “In ‘Anglosaxon Street,’ Earle Birney adapts the form of early Anglo-Saxon poetry to modern English in order to explore the ways that Anglo-Saxon cultural imperialism continues in the modern world.”
interpretive claim

When writing an essay about the poet Emily Dickinson, you should refer to her as
“Emily Dickinson” on the first reference and “Dickinson” thereafter.

When referring to fictional characters, use
the same conventions employed by the literary work.

How long should a thesis generally be?
one to three sentences

When writing an essay about literature, you should assume your audience consists of
readers with some background in literature, but not familiar with all the details of the text you’re writing about.

How should you format the title of a play?
in italics

Which of the following is true regarding the placement of an essay’s thesis?
It should appear somewhere near the end of the introduction.

Choose the term that best describes the following claim: “Emily Dickinson’s poetry fails to make its point because it is too elliptical and obscure to reach readers.

evaluative claim

Once you’ve formulated your topic and tentative thesis, the next step is usually to
figure out how to structure your argument.

A good title
informs and interests the reader.

Which of the following is the most effective approach to creating a first draft?
Write a rough version of the entire body of the essay in one sitting.

What is a “museum tour” essay structure?
a listlike structure that lacks logical connections

If you find yourself stuck in the process of writing a first draft, which of the following techniques is likely to be helpful?
Try and exaplain your point to another person. Workout your ideas through freewriting. Write a rough not og your ideas at the point where you’re stuck and then come back to it later.

All of the above

Which of the following is NOT a common topic for a character-focused essay?
a comparison of the character to a contemporary “real world” celebrity

When looking through a text for evidence to back up your claims, how should you handle facts that challenge your argument?
Seek them and use them to test and reassess your claims.

What have you created if you write down your thesis and then list each supporting claim?
a sentence outline

Which of the following constitutes textual evidence?
specif word s and phrases from the text. Structural devices. Changes in tone.all of the above

What role should your “gut reaction,” or initial response, to a text play in your essay?
When carefully analyzed, your initial response can be useful in generating a topic and/or argument.

Which of the following best describes the appropriate role of a computer in the writing process?

Essay writers often get the best results when they write about
a literary work that initially puzzles or angers them.

Which of the following best describes the difference between a topic and a thesis?
A thesis is an arguable statement about a topic.

What is the very first thing you should do when you start working on an essay?
scrutinize the assignment

Effective revision requires you temporarily to play the role of
the essay’s reader.

When choosing a topic for your essay, it is a good idea to
come up with as many topics as you can and then test them to see which works best.

Your computer’s word-processing programs are likely to be most useful in helping you with which of the following tasks?
helping you avoid repetition

When editing and proofreading, the most effective strategy usually involves
reading through your essay several times, concentrating on different aspects during each reading.

A typical process of revision involves all of the following EXCEPT
inserting evaluative claims.

Which of the following best describes the role of wordplay (that is, puns or paradoxes) in titles?
Wordplay can be clever and interesting.

Which of the following is an advantage of consulting sources early in the writing process?
You can approach the critical conversation with a thoroughly open mind.

Which of the following best describes the appropriate role of secondary sources in a research essay?
They should serve as tools to deepen and enrich your argument.

When seeking secondary sources on the shelves in your library, .
browse the shelves for related books.

If you were looking for biographical information about William Blake, which of the following resources would be most useful?
Dictionary of Literary Biography

Which of the following is NOT a motive for your essay that your sources might help you establish?

When you take notes on secondary sources, it is generally best to .
try to summarize and paraphrase as much as possible and keep quotations to a minimum.

When you take notes on secondary sources, it is important to
carefully distinguish between your own ideas and your summaries, paraphrases, or quotations of your sources.

A parenthetical citation at the end of a sentence implies .
.that the sentence is a paraphrase of a source

If you were writing an essay about how William Faulkner’s life in Oxford, Mississippi, shaped his fiction, which of the following sources would be likely to be relevant?
all of the above Correct answer: d) all of the above.

If you were looking for literary criticism on Jhumpa Lahiri’s “Interpreter of Maladies,” which of the following sources would likely be most credible and most worthy of your serious consideration?
an article in the journal Contemporary Literature, published by the University of Wisconsin Press

Which of the following is NOT a potential problem with online sources?
You are unlikely to find much information about literature on the Internet.

Once you acquire the secondary sources you believe will be most useful, you should begin by
skimming them.

You should credit a source when you borrow Student answered: b) a fact or piece of data that isn’t common knowledge.
all of the above

Plagiarism is best defined as
representing someone else’s words, ideas, or data as your own.

What is a working bibliography? Student answered: b) a list of only the most recent literary criticism Correct answer: c)
a list of sources you might use

Which of the following pieces of information is likely to be most useful when evaluating the credibility of a book about a piece of literature? Student answered: c) age of the author Correct answer: b)

.. reputation of the publisher

When is a fact considered “common knowledge”?
when you can find it in multiple, readily available sources…

When you record quotations from secondary sources in your notes, you should Student answered: c) record the source’s complete bibliographic citation next to every quotation. Correct answer: b)
make sure to quote with absolute accuracy every word and punctuation mark and record the page number where the quotation is found.

If you were looking for the most recently published journal article about Shakespeare’s Hamlet, which of the following resources would be most useful? Student answered: a) Dictionary of Literary Biography Correct answer: d)
MLA Bibliography

Which of the following types of secondary sources is NOT generally used in essays about literature? Student answered: a) literary criticism Correct answer: c)
book reviews

How do you indicate omissions within a quotation?
ellipsis points

How should a list of works cited be organized?
alphabetically by author’s last name

How do you acknowledge the addition of italics to a quotation?
Include the words “emphasis added” in your parenthetical citation.

In a citation of a play, separate your citation of act, scene, and line numbers with

In most cases, where do you place a parenthetical citation?
at the end of the sentence, outside any quotation marks and inside the period

A list of works cited should be
double-spaced throughout.

A standard MLA parenthetical citation includes Student answered: d) work title, publication date, and page number.
author’s last name and page number.

Which of the following kinds of changes may you make to a quotation when you include it in your essay?
You may make minor changes in order to reconcile the quotation’s grammar and syntax with your own prose.

When quoting poetry, how do you indicate a stanza break?
double slash mark

Question marks and exclamation points
belong inside quotation marks if they are part of the quotations, outside if they are not.

The following is an exact transcription of the final lines of Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Cask of Amontillado”:I forced the last stone into its position; I plastered it up. Against the new masonryI re-erected the old rampart of bones. For the half of a century no mortal has disturbed them. In pace requiescat!Which of the following examples uses proper quotation conventions?
He forces, he plasters, and he re-erects.In contrast, he wishes the ultimate inactivity on his victim, Fortunato:In pace requiescat!

Which of the following examples uses proper quotation conventions? Student answered: d) Poe’s narrator foregrounds his own activity:He forces, he plasters, and he re-erects.In contrast, he wishes the ultimate inactivity on his victim, Fortunato:In pace requiescat!
Poe’s narrator foregrounds on his own activity and agency: he “force[s]”; he “plaster[s]”; he “re-erect[s].

” In contrast, he wishes the ultimate inactivity on his victim, Fortunato. As he puts it, “In pace requiescat!”

Which of the following parenthetical citations adheres to MLA conventions?
.In “Styles of Reading,” George L. Dillon challenges us to “look for questions (pre)inscribed in the reader as well as the text” (481).

If a source has four or more authors, how should you cite them?
Use the first author’s name, followed by the phrase “et al.”

What is a block quote?
a quotation of four or more lines of prose or three of poetry, indented and presented without quotation marks

What is a list of works cited?
a list of the full publication information for all of the texts and sources you actually cited in your essay.

Where should your list of works cited appear in your essay?
on a separate page or pages at the end of the essay

If you introduce a quotation with the words “As the historian J. Smith asserts . . .

,” you are using

a signal phrase.

Which of the following pieces of information should be included in a citation of Internet sites or articles on Internet sites?
all of the above

How do you indicate a quotation within a quotation?
single quotation marks

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