Charlotte however. She found herself in a mysterious

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Charlotte sat on her desk, thinking of a poem she must write for her English class in England. Charlotte got overwhelmed with all her school subjects and decided to read a book for a change. She traced her finger throughout the bookshelf, trying to find a book. She found a book that had never been there before. Charlotte held the book and it was very, very dusty.

So dusty that she began coughing. Charlotte put the book down, and brought a wet handkerchief. She wiped the book, revealing the title. “Dreamland.. where dreamers go.” Charlotte sighed, she wore her red velvet  dress and her blonde locks fell upon her shoulders. She wore a pair of black shoes, like a raven.

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She got in her bed, and opened the book. Suddenly, a gasp of wind emerged from the book. Charlotte was sucked inside.

Charlotte found herself in a mysterious place. There was a castle on the hilltop, some cottages on the right, and a bunch of forests. Charlotte held her dress up and ran towards the cottages. When she arrived she knocked on each door twice. Being so impatient, she decided to turn the doorknob to one of the cottages. Inside, was a mess.

The chairs were turned upside down and were missing legs. The place had looked abandoned for weeks. “Oh dear,” said Charlotte.

She lifted up one of the chairs, finding a little parrot  under one. She picked it up. “Poor thing,” she said. “Your shivering!” Charlotte took the creature and put it in an almost worn out basket. “I do suppose that everyone else is gone as well,” she said.

Charlotte took the basket and headed for the castle. She didn’t know where she was going, however. She found herself in a mysterious wood. “Oh dear, I’m lost!” It was almost sunset, and she didn’t have an idea where to stay the night.

The parrot looked up at Charlotte. He astonishingly began to speak. “There’s a nearby cottage to the west from here!” They reached upon a cottage that was in horrible condition. “I’ll bet it’ll fall over in no time!” The parrot shook his head.

“No, the cottages in Dreamland are sturdy.” “I’ve been meaning to ask,” Charlotte said. “Why am I here now and what in the world is Dreamland!” The parrot shook his head and replied, “I’ll explain inside, it’s getting utterly dark!” They entered the cottage finding a nice wool chair, a fireplace, a stool, and loaves of bread and cheese. Charlotte put the parrot on the comfy chair.

She sat near the fireplace, grabbed the wood and a match, and lit a fire. As she began to stand up, she saw a gold plated plaque with words claiming, “Property of Queen Victoria” Charlotte looked pensively at the plaque. The parrot began to clap. “Great job, I didn’t think you could light it.” Charlotte interrupted his clapping and asked him who queen Victoria is. The parrot sighed. “You better make some tea, this is going to be quite a while.” “Green or earl grey?” Charlotte asked.

Charlotte put the kettle on a hot pan, and put it above the fireplace. Once it was done, she put it in some chipped cups, carefully not letting the tea reach the chip which would make a huge mess. Charlotte sat down on the stool, crossed her legs, and took a sip of her tea. “Well, the queen is a bit strict,” said the parrot. Charlotte raised her eyebrow. A bit in England, or whatever this place was, meant a lot.

“I’m guessing you didn’t exaggerate enough,” she said. The parrot  sighed, “would you let me finish?”he said. The parrot explained that the queen had sent her guards which were white tigers, to ransack the village because she lost one of her hair clips. Charlotte giggled but realized that the parrot was sorrowful. She covered her mouth with her hand. “I was the only one in my village that was able to stay.” Charlotte began to think that everyone in the village was a parrot or some sort of animal.

“I know what your thinking, but no,” replied the parrot. “There are some animals, but most are indeed like you.” Charlotte still had many questions. The parrot answered all. Suddenly, the clock had chimed midnight. “Alright,” said the parrot. “Time for bed.

” “Wait, wait!” Said Charlotte. “What’s the matter?” said the parrot. “I’ve answered a trillion questions in less than 4 hours.” Charlotte asked her question anyway. “What is this place?” She said. “I just opened a book and I am here now.” The parrot snuggled in the couch and replied to her, “only the chosen one is allowed to cross from the human world to Dreamland.

” “You must be here to save us from that queen!” Charlotte shook her head. “No,no I’m merely a simple child, I couldn’t possibly finish the task at hand.” “I know your nervous,” cried the parrot. “You, however, must save us all.” “I just want to go home!” Said Charlotte. “I’m not ready for this, I’m only 12!” “Ah, there are two points in your sentence,” Said the parrot.

“In Dreamland, your technically 28.” Charlotte nodded her head. “That is exactly why I’m leaving, I’m not from here!” “That’s the point,” said the parrot. “See, you can’t leave until you get rid of the queen.

” Charlotte looked pensively at the parrot, “how do you know so much?” She said. “To tell you the truth, there are many people who have come to Dreamland to save it, but not one succeeded.” “I’ve helped many people like you Charlotte,” he said.

“They all failed, and the Dreamland book was gone forever.” “It’s been a century, and the book has found its way to you.” Charlotte replied, “that must be a sign then!” “Oh my, look at the time!” Said Charlotte. “Time to get some shut eye.” They found a little torn mattress behind the leather chair with some pillows that weren’t stuffed with cotton, and a blue blanket, which was covered in ash. The parrot shrugged and went to sleep. Charlotte, however, had trouble falling asleep. She was thinking of a plan.

At around 3, she phased her plan out on a scroll of parchment paper that she wrote on with a quill and ink. She never went anywhere without a quill. She put the paper under her pillow, and fell fast asleep. Charlotte awoke to the sound of birds chirping. She got up and yawned. It was going to be a very long day. The parrot was already awake and combing his feathers. Charlotte made them tea and showed the parrot the blueprints.

“This is really good,” he said. Charlotte grinned happily. “We’ll just need a few items,” she said. ” you didn’t see half the kingdom was destroyed!” Scolded the parrot . “There not very hard to get to for sure,” she said. Charlotte and the parrot brought with them cheese and bread, and a pot of milk. She put all the resources in the basket with the parrot. “Are you comfortable in there little one?” She asked.

“I’m fine, I’m fine,” he said. “Oh how silly of me!” Said Charlotte. They were walking through the forest and tried to keep things interesting for a while. “What is your name?” She asked. “Perry,” he said. “What a perfectly fit name for you!” She said. Perry rolled his eyes and they skipped about.  Once they had finally reached the castle, Charlotte went over the plan once again.

“Make sure to go in from the left wing,” Charlotte said. The white tigers were scattered about and around the castle. Charlotte slipped through most of them, until there were over fifteen crowding the queen which was sleeping with a book on her head. Charlotte thought and thought.

She finally got an idea. She threw the cottage cheese far from them. They all tackled each other for a bite of it.

She gave herself a quick victory smile. Unexpectedly, as she turned to continue with her plan, she bumped into the queen. Queen Victoria had dark brown hair, emerald eyes, and a long, long neck. She had a sly grin on her face, as if she’d just eaten someone alive. “What are you doing in my castle!” She said. Charlotte stuttered, “I- um”  she looked around for an answer. “I have come to bestow upon you your lost pin!” The queen’s eyes widened as she grabbed the fake pin out of Charlotte’s hands. Charlotte tried her best curtsey and quickly ran out of the room.

“I hope Perry  got the people out of the cells,” she thought to herself. A loud shriek was heard the opposite direction Charlotte was walking in. Guessing that the queen had found out that the pin was indeed a lie, she ran faster towards the dungeon.

The only problem was that she had no idea where it was. She heard the sounds of prisoners yelling, to which she followed. At long last, she found Perry trying to reach the lever of the cells with his beak. Charlotte pulled each and every lever which let out all of the people. The people ran out, looking for the queen. Once they found her at the end of the hall, they grabbed her and lured her tigers with cheese in the cells and trapped them in there.

“Wait! Please! I beg for your mercy!” Cried the queen. The people gathered in the main hall of the castle, babbling about. “Who will be our queen now?” said someone in the crowd. People at random shouted, “CHARLOTTE!” The people placed the golden crown on Charlotte’s head. People clapped and cheered. The parrot flew next to Charlotte, clapping too. Charlotte curtseyed, but declined the request.

“Im sorry, everyone.” “I cant accept, i must go home now.” People in the crowd started asking who would rule over them now.

Charlotte took the crown off, and put it on Perry’s head. “He deserves it way more than i do,” she said. The people clapped and cheered. Charlotte picked up Perry and hugged him goodbye. Perry stopped her, he gave her a little cloud necklace.

He told her that it was a gift from him to her. She thanked him and hugged him once again. The necklace held the words, “dreamland, where dreamers go..”  Charlotte waved goodbye, and just like that, she was gone. Charlotte awoke in her bed, with the book on her head. She took it off, and looked around. It was all a dream, wasn’t it? She went to her desk and began writing her poem.

“Dreamland.. where dreamers go..A place with happiness and comfortA place of warm delight.Sit near the campfire at night.A place to find a true friend,One that never ends. Most importantly, finding justiceAmongst us, but ruling fairly.

I hope that i can visit somedayOr just maybe, everyday.”Charlotte put down her quill and placed her hand on her neck. She found the necklace she was given from Perry. She held it tight before her mother called her to dinner.

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