Chester from Cooperstown New York. Cornelia had been

Chester G. Allen was born on February 15, 1838 in Westford, New York. On April 24, 1862. On June 1, 1850, Chester G.

was 12 years old and living with his family in Westford, New York. His father’s name was Daniel N. Allen.

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Daniel was a farmer and is 42 years old. Daniel N Allen was married to lovely woman by the name of Adelia. Chester was the oldest son, and his the next after him was George E. Then there was his beloved sister by the name of Sarah A., and his second younger brother Daniel N.

Junior, and last but not least at the age of 12 Chester also had a 5 month brother named Whitney. All of his siblings went to the same school that he did. At age 24 Chester found love and got married to 23 year old Cornelia E. Who was also from Cooperstown New York. Cornelia had been born on February 1, 1839 in her hometown. The two went on on to have four children. On the date of April 15, 1910, Mrs.

Chester G. Allen was 71 years old and living in a rental apartment at 28 West 46th Street, Manhattan, New York. Sadly all of her children had died before her. She was widowed and found the job of a music teacher, and also teaching other generations how to play piano and the organ. Her 81 year old sister by the name of Caroline, was living with Cornelia. Cornelia died in 1917. Going back before the death of Chester G Allen known as a brilliant teacher, musical writer and composer, he compiled and edited collections of music for schools and churches, containing many of his own compositions.

For a good chunk of his lifetime he played and taught music in the public schools of Cleveland, Ohio. But sadly this all ended when Chester G Allen dies on October 18th  in the year of 1978 in his hometown. Chester G. Allen has composed a great collection of gospel songs combining with William Bradbury and others. Allen had a song by the title of Praise Him, Praise Him,it is used with the Fanny Crosby hymn. I listened to this song in the Fanny Crosby hymn and I actually really liked it because I thought that it had good cords that are pretty catchy.

The next two compositions That I chose I will be talking about is significant to me because both of them have been sang in my church. One of the two songs is called Christ is born Today. The song pretty much about the day Jesus was born and describes what it was like according to the Bible. The Second song is called Hosanna to our Glorious King. The title pretty much sums up the whole song because it talking about how great the King of Kings is, that would be Jesus.

I actually like this song because it has good rhythm and a catchy tune. Most of Chester G Allen’s compositions are played with piano originally, but obviously can also be played with several other instruments, like a trumpet or and flute. Most of the compositions that Chester G. Allen has done are gospel music, at least most of the composition that I could find. I wouldn’t say that all of his music sounds that exact same, because each piece of music is unique in its own special way. Overall I think that Chester G Allen was an excellent composer of music and did a very good job of making the music in a special way.

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