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Last updated: September 6, 2019

  Children of a young age have always been targeted as a new consumer and have been the focus of the marketers. instead of educating children in the right way, the media have implicated various ways to promote gender stereotypes, drugs, alcohol etc which leads to children getting distracted by other entertainment.

There is a different kind of factors that construct child consumers, for example, peer pressure, class, parents etc. Children at a young age who are not aware of what is going around are being programmed by the media’s. The solution to the problem is parents being responsible for what is being shown in the media so that their children didn’t get manipulated by it. He concludes by saying how we should educate the children about how it’s manipulative to them as it’s the world they grow up in.         David Buckingham’s selling childhood argues about how young adults are being targeted by media and affected by it Therefore people around them should be aware of how children’s are being brainwashed and programmed by media.          One of the arguments that David makes is that it is the fault of the parents that the children’s are being manipulated by the media advertisement.

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As parents as responsible for providing the resources to the children to engage in the consumer culture, the children use whatever resources the parents buy and they consume it, “it is adults who ultimately provide children with the economic resources to participate in the culture” ( Buckingham 19).Age is also a factor that is used as a marketing strategy. The marketers have invented words like “tween”, “toddler” etc so that the marketers can come up with an individual clothing line- therefore the children’s of a particular age group would find the need to buy their particular product lines, “it also reflects imperatives of marketing: dividing children into series of niche markets ends that new products can be sold at different stages”( Buckingham 20).

Later on, when the children are grown out of their “toddler” or other clothing they will find the need to buy their new age defined clothes. Therefore, the creation of the “age groups” that has been created by the society and what will interest the buyers, makes the jobs of the advertisers easy.           Out of all of the arguments that David Buckingham made, I do agree with him that it is parents fault that children’s are being programmed by the media. I think that The marketers are not advertising to the children but their key focus is on the parents. Parents will find the need to buy certain resources for the children because of the way it was advertised to them. I don’t agree that only children are being pressured, parents are being pressured to buy resources if they see a parent buy it. Due to development.

I do agree that the children’s are being manipulated by the media as it is the world they grow up in and a  lot of children’s are being distracted from a lot of activities and engage with the society. Therefore the guardian or the parents should be around to educate them.             One of the media examples that I am using is the H&M advertisements. It was one of the biggest controversies that happened last week where H&M came out with a new line of child’s clothing. The American models wearing hoodies had simple and funny writings like ” I’m the bomb”, “too cool for school” whereas a black model wearing a hoodie that had “coolest monkey in the jungle” writing. There was a lot of public outrage and protest as it is seen as racist.

Therefore, the racist advertisement will reinforce old stereotypes and insult the younger generation. The other advertisement that was labeled as one of the most racist advertisement is a Chinese cleaning advertisement, while a Chinese woman is doing here laundry a black man comes and seduces her. She puts the detergent pods in his mouth and forcefully puts him in the machine after the laundry is done, a fair Chinese man pops out. As it is a laundry advertisement it could come up in every channel whether cartoon or an r rated channel. Therefore, the children watching it would make the assumption that black peoples are not clean or as clean as an Asian person.


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