Children’s Depression

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Last updated: February 2, 2019

The Children’s Depression Inventory or CDI is one way of measuring depression in children ages six to seventeen. The CDI is a test that the subject could take on his own and the scores would show if the child is experiencing depression. The CDI is composed of a written examination with 27 items and each item has 3 statements. The child would have to choose one of those statements and will write the answer on an answer sheet.

The CDI does not require a verbal answer.The child has to choose from the choices presented to him. The child would have to choose the answer which best describes how he is feeling over the past two weeks. The CDI measures depression on the children by looking at the symptoms of depression. Some of the symptoms are oversleeping, being passive and inactive, disturbed behavior towards other people, low participation in other activities, and not having enjoyment.

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These symptoms can be assessed by answering the CDI.The CDI can be taken for about five to ten minutes so it is relatively easy to administer. The only thing is, this psychological measure is not accurate.

Sometimes, the child can give an answer that is not reflective of what he truly feels. He may have this notion of being put into test, so, instead of answering the questions based on how he feels; he answers the questions based on what he thinks should be the answer. This becomes a problem when planning of a treatment for the child.After the child took the test, his answers will be evaluated based on different scales. There would be a profile form to which the results of the test will be plotted. There is a passing score and when the child fails, the child is considered positive for depression.

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