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Last updated: April 21, 2019
Children’s literature definition?
Literature that children understand, relate and respond to.
Do you know what makes a quality picture book?
1) Pictures need to display an accurate message what’s going on in the story. 2) Pictures need to exibit a continuity throughout. 3)
Can you identify some criteria for selecting or evaluating non-fiction books?
1) Preferences2) Accuracy3) Multi-cultural considerations
Ways to engage students with literature before, during or after a read aloud?
Before 1) Ask…”What do you see”.

..In short, ask questions.-predictions 2) Have them make connections During 1) Think aloud- teacher is thinking aloud. After 1) Again, have them make connections2) propose an activity 

Values of children’s literature?
If it won an award…

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;The book will have literary merit (i.e., style, setting, developed characters, plot and theme). It will also appeal to the reader.;

How can picture books be relevant to older students?
High vs. Low;e.

g., Older students will enjoy picture books related to content for which they’re learning about (astromony in 5th grade) Younger students will gain more for a book related to their comprehension level (ABC’s)

Factors that affect Literature choices?
1) Parents2) Subjects they like3) Theacher’s likes
What’s the role that awards play in children’s literature?
Most common reasons books are banned?
Sexually explicit contentLanguageUnsuitable to age group
Why is censorship important to students and teachers?
Because it allows children to gain the most up-to-date information of the time. Teachers need this as well because they are the ones teaching the content. Therefore, it most be accurate.


What books are useful for students with or w/out real life challenges? How are they useful?
w/ challenges: So they can relate to a particular character w/out challenges: So they can understand children with challeges better.
How can teachers provide access to literature for children with special needs?
Contemporary Realistic
Historical Fiction
Science Fiction
Non-Fiction/ Informational
Picture Books
Multi-Cultural Literature
Literature For Children w/ Real Life Challenges
Caldecott Medal 
Annually given by the Assoc. for Library Services to Children, a division of the American Library Assoc. (ALA), to the artist of the most distinguished picture book for children.
Newbery Medal
Honors the author of “the most distingished contribution to American literature for children”
Coretta Scott King Award
Given by the Coretta Scott King Task Force of the ALA’s Social Reprosibilities Round Table to the authors and illustrators of African descent whose distinguished books promote an understanding and appreciation of the “American Dream”;
Belpre Awards
To the Latino writer and illustrator whose work best portrays, affirms, and celebrates the Latino cultural experience in an outstanding work of literature for children and youth.

Rebecca Caudill Award
An Illinois award, favorite book is nominated by children grades 4-8. Designed to encourage reading for personal satisfaction.
Monarch Award
An Illinois award. Favorite book is voted on by children–grades k-3. Children must read at least 5 of 20 books to enter a vote. Designed to encourage children to read critically and become familiar with children’s books, authors and illustrators.
Theodor Seuss Geisel Award
Annually given to the authors and illustrators of the most most distinguished American book for Beginning readers published in English in the United States during the preceeding year

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