Children’s Literature in Saudi Arabia

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Last updated: April 20, 2019

?There are a few definitions that help outline the actual scope of children literature; with many laymen simply assuming that children literature could be easily defined as kids’ books. It therefore comes as much surprise to them on learning that the aforementioned topic of discussion has different definitions and even more variant definitions of the constituent terms-literature and children (D’anguilli, 2004. In that respect therefore, this paper proceeds to discuss the topic of children literature at length. The focus area is Dammam, where the partaken research seeks to determine the significance of such literature in regards to short stories in particular. In addition to this, the paper looks into the views of parents and teachers in relation to the studied literature alongside the literature’s significance as per the different educational stages. The question of what literature is has been raised by many scholars in this particular field of expertise; where they seek to determine whether all stories and books are considered literature. Children’s literature has been classically defined as any form of material produced for the entertainment and/or information of children as well as young adults.

Children have always been found to enjoy and have much interest in folklore. Historically however, the earlier children’s books mainly comprised of religious, instructional books with the aim of improving and shaping their manners(Marrow, 2001. Children literature has greatly transformed over the years and has been slowly modernized to what is presented today. Until 1865, children literature had nothing more than select instructions and guidelines related to the expected mannerism. Following the set precedent by Charles Dodgson, the face of children’s literature took a new look, with little or no instructions being included in them.

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Literature created for children would be primarily meant for their entertainment and feature some…

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