China of Enhanced Automobiles: It is widely believed

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Last updated: September 21, 2019

China Pakistan Economic corridor is a completeset of compassionate initiatives and plans.

To include linking of regions,information network infrastructure, energy collaboration, industrial parks,agricultural growths, poverty mitigation, tourism, financial assistance andalso improved living standards for the people of Pakistan. It also encompasseslocal bodies infrastructure, education, public health segment and an improvedlevel of communication. Shared affection between the masses is also of immenseimportance as this all result in thousands of new ventures and loads of newjobs across the state.

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Through CPEC, China would develop its trade andtransport relations and enhance economic impacts around Central and South Asia.Gwadar port would be epicentre of the project.Keeping the overhead text in purview andthe points examined few recommendations from my side are as following:Painting of True Perspective and Image: To date, the Government of Pakistan hadnot rendered incapable to present the CPEC in its true perspective, neitherdomestically nor globally, which is leading to confusion and apprehensions.

AnImage is required to be painted by government about all the efforts andcontributions being made.Assembly of Enhanced Automobiles:  Itis widely believed that at least 105,000 additional HGVs (Heavy Goods Vehicles)would be compulsory for transportation of construction resources. Investment inthis particular sector is vital and that too well ahead of the project’s peak burdendemands, if not, then the prices of load transportation would escalate, puttingPakistani exports at a competitive disadvantage. Better equipped automobileindustry is need of the hour.Training of Manpower: For the benefit of this project we need totrain our manpower.

This can be achieved by attaining the assistance of theChinese tech advice. Moreover the Pakistanis working abroad may be called byoffering lucrative pay and privileges.Positive Role of Media: Positive role by media can resolve manyissues and can augment the efforts of the government.  A real and positive picture of this projectmust be shown to the people to pursue leaders to head on the same platform.This would also increase the morale of the masses. Proactive Foreign Office: Our foreign office has to be veryproactive to deal efficiently with the demanding job ahead.

Foreign officeshould try to get the membership of both SCO and BRICKS, which would serve as aplatform to resolve many issues. Furthermore we should also have cordialrelations with CAR States, Gulf States and ASEAN States as these all states wouldbe directly involved in this project; one way or the other. Provincial Harmony: “United we stand divided we fall”,this saying would be the decisive factor in the success of CPEC project.Grievances of provinces must be resolved at all costs as this brings harmonyand patriotism. Moreover the provincial assembly be briefed by the experts onthe impact of the decision taken.

An Org for Maintenance:  The essence of project would die down or would have the short term effects ifwe fail to maintain what we would construct. So, there is a need to haveoutfits which should look after the infrastructure. These organizations /outfits should fulfil followings criteria:-1)           Induction of manpower in these org shouldbe on merit.2)           The entire infrastructure i.

e. roads,railway, dry ports, Gwadar port should be supervised by the separate org, withmanpower having expertise in respective fields.3)           These organizations should be auditable. Itinvolves development of port, road and railway infrastructure, dry ports, economiczones and power sector.

The upkeep and maintenance of all this would surely bea challenge that needs to be addressed as and when it arises.

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