China solar, wind and hydro.Solar energy Solar energy

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Last updated: September 17, 2019

China is a big country and there will be many people. They mostly use oil, coal and natural gas to make this transformed to electricity. They also use renewable energy. For instance solar energy, biomass and thermal. There main tree renewable energy are solar, wind and hydro.Solar energy   Solar energy is a energy that it stored the energy in companies called JA solar Holdings and Hanwha solar. The solar panel will get the energy from the solar panel.

The wires that attach to the solar panels will move the energy to energy to energy companies. The energy will move to factories mostly. They also transfer the energy to homes and schools. The energy is converted to thermal, biomass and chemical.   The advantage is that it will be clean and renewable.The disadvantage is that when there is no sun it will get less energy.Hydro energy   Hydro energy is stored by a machine and then it transfer the energy to a company called Hunan Allonward Hydro-generating Equipment.

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They also got a machine to generate the water from the sea water. The machine can block the salt from the water. It will give water to people, factories, homes and schools.

1,180.7 TWh of water will transformed to electricity.In China 99%of the country will use this energy.   The advantages are it is clean and safe it means no waste products.It also is a renewable energy source in China. The low operating cost which is a damage cost about 20 billion dollars.Wind energy  Wind energy is stored by a machine that called wind power system. There will be a place called wind farm which got many windmills up on hills.

The wind farm must be up on hills usually because on hills there will be more wind up there.Wind is converted to electricity.   The advantage are it is environmentally friendly and wind energy is free means you don’t need to pay money. The disadvantage are noise pollution and visual pollution.   The some people thinks it is ugly.

The company is changing. The generator will get the wind.It will got the wires under the ground to make the energy to energy house.

The main windmill mostly will be at the middle of a town centre where the hills are. The best energy that china use it that hydro energy because 99% of the people in china use it. It is renewable and you can find it. It won’t disturb any people.   It is about the renewable resources in China. China won’t used much coal after they have the new renewable resources. It is helpful and China is a great place.


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