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The present essay raises the environmental situation in China and its global impact, and makes a brief mention about the negative effects of the pollution that Chinese inhabitants live in flesh and blood, both the environment and health of its people; the Chinese central government has taken measures to counteract the environmental problems of their nation.

Also it has as a goal to look for solutions due to the environmental deterioration this nation is going through and the consequences that it’s living.The resolution proposals re given as a personal level according to the basic knowledge acquired over three years of Business School. Undoubtedly, China is one of the most important economic powers worldwide and has had a steady economy, social and cultural development very important during the last 1 5 years. However, one Of the great consent that this great economic growth has brought is the major environmental pollution.The economic and industrial growth, which has raised the standard of living for 300 million Chinese, has made the inhabitants live in big environment pollution and breathe one of the most eluted airs on the planet. A study conducted by Pacific National Laboratory showed results that the sun is hardly visible in those parts of the country, and a gray fog that loads the environment and can cause headaches and respiratory problems like asthma.One of the elements that carry this type of pollution is charcoal plants that are located within the country which emit smoke from chimneys and cars, boilers and dust that follows the construction work. In addition, the World Bank announced that 16 of the 20 most polluted cities on Earth are in China, where 27% of the 341 largest cities, and 116 lion people suffer from pollution levels in the air very dangerous which kills 400,000 people a year from lung disease and cardiovascular disease.

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Rivers and lakes are also severely degraded and 300 million people do not have potable water.Undeniably, China’s presence in today’s globalizes world, more than three decades this nation has been engaged in transforming its economy, a country that has been willing to undergo changes throughout its history and it is these changes that have propelled it to second place as a world economic power. But the cost of this progress has been on environmental issues for their environment and population.

As mentioned above this results in a significant deterioration in public health of their inhabitants.There is talk of an impact on developing different types of cancer, birth defects, immune system disease, and gastric disorders such as diarrhea, respiratory problems as asthma, bronchitis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COP), conjunctivitis and in the worst poisoning acute cases causing death. However, the Chinese central government, concerned about stopping environmental damage and adapting to change that arises in our time, has tried to develop environmental awareness to its inhabitants, both individually ND collectively.Here are some programs that have been implemented by the Chinese government to seek for solutions: 1) Projects to investigate and plan the development of the country with respect to vehicle lard activity has been taking place with the support of different universities such as Western Kentucky University, Cornell University, Chinas Social Science council and the university of Harvard along with the Sensitivity of China. ) Special projects have been established for cities like Changed, to study the use of urban transportation and its confluence, the planning of use of land, gas and intimations emission by vehicles and the effects of the air contamination by vehicles in human health and its economy, they are working hard to attenuate this serious problem. 3) In Cocooning, there are groups of people that are pro environmental that its task is to watch over the toxic wastes not be deposited into rivers, says Journeyman (2007). ) They have ordered and warned over two thousand companies about the possible shutdown they could face if they are not environment friendly with its environment and its surroundings.

And they also warned them that there could be a reduction in reedits and suspension from government approvals 5) To reduce the environmental loss, a program has been developed launched by the government (Keep the green, 2007), also refers to the “Conservation Of natural forests” and “grassland crops” of China, in which the government has invested more than. 00 million dollars. (News Continuant, 2010). 6) The Chinese government has applied for with urgency to the international Greenback organization, to send professional personnel and secure material in order to work the cleaning process, of petroleum contaminated waters, and this same organization is showing how the retreat of crude oil is done by Chinese workers and fisherman who do not have any kind of protection. Which damage their health and well being? ) To attack the problem of lead poisoning which affects human growth and mental growth in Chinese kids, the government has taken a drastic measure to eliminate and restrain operations of one Of its biggest lead melting companies in Gudgeon province, Sheehan. It is difficult to attack the root of the problem as big as what China is currently living. By consensus, we believe that the first thing to do is to educate and inform their people of the situation in which their nation s living in.But this is not enough to do it individually, you need to move and require this knowledge to Chinese companies.

For this reason it is proposed to develop an environmental awareness to its employees, and this is achieved through different mechanisms, both individually and collectively. Following the principles of the new economy as Parallax (2005) and “Organizational Learning” which refers that to adapt to the rising change originated in our time to the environment the companies have to develop environmental sensibility and promote environmental friendly criteria to its workers.In the rent globalization of the international market and its demands, it has been giving greater emphasis to organizations as actors responsible for the care and environmental preservation.

The main reason is that there is a close relationship between business and environmental deterioration. According to Gonzalez (2002) summarizes that the companies are considered potentially polluting agents and key stakeholders to reduce the negative environmental impact and, even more, to protect and preserve natural resources.This opens the way for that firms or companies to see the need to modify their behavior wrought Organizational Learning, as they have understood that they need to be a step forward if they wish to remain in the current and future economy. Therefore, my proposals for environmental reform are focused on Chinese companies. Next, details of the same: 1) Production and marketing practices of Chinese companies should be respectful with the environment, taking special care in preserving natural resources and saving energy). Use within their own production processes. To achieve this within a company, the government must encourage companies to develop the same Environmental Management System, which will try to regulate and integrate each of its programs and production activities, environmental principles.

Based on the concept of “learning organization”, which is basically reflect on the changes that are occurring in organizations caused by the adaptation of enterprises to the challenges of the new economy, one very important is the awareness green in the business world.Since in recent years companies start think about business from resource reuse, recycling and the generation of new companies that represent an opportunity in matters relating to the environment. ” (Capita, et. Al. 008) 2) A company that wants to remain valid in the eyes of the Chinese government and the international market should develop measurable and Environmental Policy for verification can be monitored.Also, they must be divulged to each of its partners, institutions, customers and suppliers who are involved in processes and in business.

Fulfilling international quality certification and ISO 9001 environment set, 9002, 14001, 14002 created by ISO technical committee ISO/TIC 76 International Organization for Standardization and this is a necessary condition of any organization competitive in the globalizes world. Bell, 1995) The application of ISO 9001 and 9002 the environment forces organizations have registered their existing quality systems in the areas of safety, health and environment and to be audited constantly. (Gonzalez, 1999) (Table, 1998) 3) At the same time every Chinese company who presumes of being friendly to the environment, should focus on the protection of natural resources on saving water.This activity can be monitored within the same company by recycling and reusing water, and for this the Chinese government required to carry out an Environmental Report of the company to fulfill its social and environmental responsibility. We also intend to reuse natural resources, is because as noted Capita, being considered a competitive company with the globalizes world must as mentioned before think about business from the reuse Of resources, recycling and the generation Of new companies that represent an opportunity in matters relating to the environment. (Capita, et al.

2008) 4) Since Organizational Learning continues to talk about adapting to change, and how they work is the collective learning, motivating employees of any company, learning new techniques, such as competency models, which allow to be a day to an organization of what is happening in the world, which s why it is considered essential to implementation and adaptation of models based on organizational Learning for the development of ecological awareness in Chinese organizations. ) Encourage the Chinese companies to give a little back to the society, and its environment, through community and social activities. For example though it’s not a Chinese company, a worldwide know company like Nestle in Mexico has created a program called Sustainable Forrest Management in La Asuncion springs (where the water Stats. Maria’s produced) in the municipality of Santa Rite Ayatollah, Pueblo, place n which they have planted over 220,500 trees. (Political Ambient Nestle©, 2012).

To conclude now we know that China is the largest contributor to the deterioration of our world, but certainly we must not only attack this country and nothing else, I can also say that my own country Mexico has no culture on environmental control, and has lots of pollution and has not solved anything as mentioned throughout this essay, we must create a widespread environmental awareness by the simple fact that we are all an important part to preserve the life of our planet.It is of vital importance that the society gets involved to create a solution to this problem since we cannot just cross our arms and wait for the government to do all the work, we all have to put our grain of sand to make a healthy environmental friendly world for us and for our future generations.

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