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Choice Hotels, International. Inc. – Building a Career Yolanda Crawley-Taylor Kaplan University TH102-01: Sales, Marketing, and Customer Service Paul William Howe July 19, 2011 1 In this report you will find documentation on the four components that are used by Choice Hotel International, Inc.

which is a subsidiary of Manor Care, Inc. and the world’s second largest franchise hotel chain. Here I will outline and examine the four components of the marketing mix that is used for their hotel chains.In this outline, you will find the changes that have occurred in product, pricing, placing and promotion that has made the company valuable in this economic date (Funding Universe, 2011). Choice Hotels International is one of the largest and most successful lodging franchisors in the world. It was built on the foundation of the Quality Inn brand which was pioneered for consistent mid-priced lodging. Today it has incorporated a brand of restructuring an organization into a chain of affordable lodging in convenient and popular locations.In its market it identifies it’s self as hotels that provide lodging that include suite hotels, non-smoking rooms, in-room amenity packages, enhanced reservations systems, marketing programs and partnerships (Funding Universe, 2011).

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Over the past six decades, Choice has solidified its position as an industry leader who has helped to shape the industry. They have franchised more than 6,000 hotels, representing more than 485,000 rooms, in the United States and more than 35 other countries and territories.Of the many brands that they have it includes; Comfort Inn, Comfort Suites, Quality, Sleep Inn, Clarion, Cambria Suites, MainStay Suites, Suburban, Econo Lodge and Rodeway Inn (Funding Universe, 2011). . Their strategy is to deliver a franchise success system of strong brands, exceptional services, vast consumer reach, size, scale and distribution that delivers guest affordable cost. Their vision 2 is to generate the highest return on investment of any hotel franchise with customer profitability (Funding Universe, 2011). The product that they provide is developing restructuring of hotels that meet many consumers’ demands in the various market segmenting consumer variables of demographics, geographics, psychographic and behavioristic. They have begun to diversify their marketing to consumers who have an interest in accommodations for weddings, conferences and executive lodging.

They have also identified personality characteristics that can be useful when their service resembles other competing services.In developing their product they are expanding customer satisfaction by offering within the hotel chains various eateries that can be visited or ordered for room service (Funding Universe, 2011). . Choice Hotels are committed to serving the traveling public by offering high-standard accommodations of an affordable price, and to ensuring an outstanding return on investment for its franchisees. Rooms in various hotels are affordable for families traveling, luxury, extended stay and for those who are executives needing greater accommodations.

They have created new relationships by providing added services without raising licensing fees. By differentiating the Choice product line they are able to develop partnerships with various food service companies (Funding Universe, 2011). . They are competitive in their advertising, offering incentives to those who book rooms through travel agencies and online advertisement. They have created a foundation that was established in January of 2000 that focuses on companies giving and that includes guiding the company’s overall corporate social responsibility.

They are devoted to giving back to the 3 communities by providing shelter and food to those in need, supporting the educational efforts of schools and promoting the growth and development of tourism (Funding Universe, 2011). . The promotional mix that the corporation uses would involve direct marketing where you can access hotel accommodations through their web site, by travel agencies, or through television ads. They also use sales promotions offered to companies, consumers and travel agencies.They have extremely good public relations that are consistently developing strategies to promote different advertising campaigns that are competitive with other hotel chains such as making reservations for two days and getting the third day free (Choice Hotel International, 2011). A re-engineering of its brands, as well as fazing out of the friendship brand has allowed Choice to provide added services that each represents a clear and separate market.

They are becoming more concern with creating a different standard of service and not just simply increasing the number of hotels (Choice Hotel International, 2011). 4 References: Choice Hotels International–Company Overview. ,(2011). , A history of innovation about choice hotels corporate information Retrieved from http://www. choicehotels. com/en/about-choice/corporatehistory Funding Universe.

, (2011). , Choice hotels international inc. – company history Retrieved from http://www. fundingunioverse. com/company-histories/Choice-Hotels-International-Inc-Company-History

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