Christian and Musim teachings on wealth and poverty

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Last updated: November 17, 2019

Christians teach that they should help anyone who is worse off then them. This is because in the bible there is a parable called The Sheep and the goats which is about when judgement day comes, God will separate people depending on how much they have followed his teachings and how they helped and cared. The parable says “as you did to one of my brothers you did it to me” which means what you do to others you do to God, so if you don’t care for those who need caring for and if you do not help those who need helping then you are not caring for or helping GodAnother teaching is that they should share with those less fortunate then themselves. This is taken from the parable, The rich Man and Lazarus which is about a rich man who has everything and a poor man with nothing but when they both die the rich man went to hell and the poor man went to heaven. The teaching comes from the quote In your life you received good things and Lazarus evil – now he is comforted and you are tormented.

This means that if you do not share or help those less fortunate then you will end up less fortunate then them in the end.Another parable that portrays that teaching is The rich Fool. This is about a greedy man who didn’t want to share had hoarded everything but when he died he lost everything that he had. This however means a different type of sharing which means that your life should not just consist of material possessions. The quote from which this teaching comes from is For a mans life does not consist of possessions.Three teachings on wealth and poverty that Christians follow and teach are help anyone who is less fortunate, share with those who are less fortunate and share your possessions because you will not need them in heaven. God sees everyone as equals and that when he created us he created us the same so we should treat one another as equals.

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However Muslims have slightly different teachings, they believe in the Zakat. The Zakat is where Muslims give 2.5% of their left over wealth, after getting all the necessary needs for their family, to the poor and new Muslims.

There is a quote from the Qu’ran saying, “Give what is necessary to your family, the needy and the wayfarer”. This means that the rich must share any spare money with the poor because the poor deserve a better life as they are God’s creation just like the rich.They also believe in the Sadagah which is voluntary giving with no obligation. There is a quote which says “those who give their goods by night and day in secret and in public will have their reward with their Lord”. This means that the rich should give and share any wealth that is left after the Zakat because the poor need more then just the Zakat.There is also the Riba in which no interest is charged or earned. This means that the rich should not charge interest and the poor should not have o pay interest.

Three believes on wealth and poverty that Muslims follow are give ther poor the Zakat, share any extra wealth and do not charge or earn any interest. This is because the Qu’ran says that Allah made everyone equals and that everyone deserves the same.The two religions have one believe/teaching that is the same and this is that god created everyone as equal human beings so everyone should be treated as equals.

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