Christian teachings, Islamic teachings on wealth and poverty

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A)i. In this essay I shall be looking at Christian and Islamic teachings on wealth and poverty.Christians believe that wealth in something which can be used for something which can be used for some or good or even evil. They believe that the good can be used such as giving food to homeless or starving people and families. The bad things would be for things such as, buying weapons for people who would use them to kill.Christians use a few teachings to support their views such as the parable of the rich, (Luke 12:13-21) Jesus old a story about a farmer who made lots of money and thought he would be able to ‘eat, drink and be merry’, but he died that night with no chance to enjoy his wealth. Also, Jesus taught that people should not try to get wealth in this life, but should try to make themselves rich in religion and nothing else in greed.

The Christian church teaches that Christians should make money and provide for their family and even for themselves as a duty. It is also, taught that Christians should not be involved in any way in businesses that may hurt people like sex industry and even the gambling industry.Christian’s teach that god created the universe and every single thing in it and when it was created it was all to be good and special. This means that Christians should regard the whole creation of the world as a gift from god to us all to be used by us in whom it was that god intended us to. According to the New Testament riches must be used for the help of others especially the poor and the needy.The Islam teachings on wealth is that wealth is given from god for the belief of humanity, Therefore this something is worth to be shared between each other. Three examples of Islamic teachings are that Muslims should provide for themselves and their families by bringing money into the home, but only in lawful and moral ways, also, Muslims must not be involved in things such as Alcohol, gambling or sex industries.

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Islamic teaches that god made Adam as his khalifah a steward to look after his earth for him. This teaches Muslims to look after their environment but also the other people of the world. Doing this ensures that good things on earth are fairy shared out.They used the zakah a tax which Muslims must pay for the poor it is the third pillar and why they must give it is because they help the poor. The hadith is also used which is collections of scriptures which are regarded as important tool for determining the Muslim way of life which is very important to any Muslim.

The sadaqah is the Islamic term which means voluntary charity.A)ii. World Development is where people of today are trying to change the poverty of the world. They are trying to change the world poverty so that we all can live in peace. There are 1.

2 million people in the world that live on less than a $1 a day.A LEDC is a less economically developed country and also often called the third world. Less economically developed countries are countries which suffer from conditions of poverty, conflict, political issues and also social strength. Also, deadly diseases such as aids are a major issue in a lot of these counties.

An example of a LEDC is many parts of Africa.The Worlds countries depend on each other because if they didn’t they wouldn’t be able to cope on their own. Why this is, is because we need the help from other countries to help our own countries and others. Such as, in some countries it is too cold for them to grow fruit so they have warmer countries to grow them and to be transported.

It is like this for so many things like, food, clothes, technology, cars ECT. An example of one is, Sudanese, if we want Sudanese to grow our cotton for our clothing then we must be prepared to make sure that the Sudanese have enough food and be able to grow the cotton for us.The United Nation in 1948 made a declaration of Human Rights.

This was that all Countries of the UN have to accept the Rights to achieve a peaceful and harmonious earth. They did this so that everyone would be able to have a better life and no one could live in poverty. But, also, so that their people were being looked after properly but also to make sure countries weren’t going to look after their people wrongly.The world is a ‘global village’ this means we should help less economically developed countries to develop because we are like village.

A community where everyone looks after each other and makes sure their village is going ok. Why we should help them is because we are all united together and if we can help others then we can make their lives better. By helping them to develop they can find out what it is like to live a better way, have better living conditions and a better lifestyle than what they were before.Less economically developed country and a more economically developed country need each other because more economically developed can help LEDC with their poverty problems and can help to make everyone equal in being economically developed.

If poor countries feel left out, they may turn to violence against the rich countries or their own authority because of how they feel about the situation. Recent examples of violence are the terrorist activities such as the twin tower disaster in 2001 where millions of people were killed.Why World Development is important because it can make the world a better place but also it can help LEDC become less economically developed but also it can make so many people’s life a much better place.

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