Christianity, and the God of Jesus, and the

Christianity, Islam, and
Judaism are the three largest and most well-known faiths in the Country, and
arguably the entire world. These three faiths all have major similarities
between all of them and have the most strongly rooted histories out of most
other religions in existence. This makes studying these religions relatively
easy compared to others, due to the fact that there is much overlapping
information, especially within their origins, and that helps to pound the
information into the head through repetition. This can be further explained
through the following detailed examples.

*Peace an extremely essential portion of these faiths.
This is shown throughout each and every one of their individual histories in
their use of similar greetings meaning “peace be upon you”; “shalom
aleichem in Judaism, pax vobiscum in Christianity, and salaam alaikum in Islam.
Often, however, the greeting of peace has been meant primarily for members of
one’s own faith community” 2.

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*Judaism, Islam, and Christianity are strictly
monotheistic religions, believing in the existence of one, and only one, God. Many
people understand that Jews and Christians worship the same God; however, they
may be unaware that Muslims also worship that very same God. Allah is not the
personal name of some altogether separate and distinctly different deity; the
term Allah doesn’t specify a peculiar, foreign, alien, or uniquely Arabian god.
On the contrary, Allah is literally translated from the Arabic word which means
“God.” In the Quran, there are many different instances where there are talks
about “Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, David, Solomon, Jesus, and other
biblical figures”1; in doing this, the Islamic scripture makes it clear
that the God of Muhammad, and the God of Jesus, and the God of Israel are all
actually the same God. Seeing that there is one universal God for Islam and
Christianity, Allah is the same as the Hebrew God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.
Therefore, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam are all classified as “Abrahamic”
religions, as long as all three of them share the same metaphorical
“bloodline”, which are traditionally traced back to the ancient
Hebrew patriarch Abraham. 1

*Christianity is an Abrahamic, monotheistic religion. However,
the Christian faith also maintains certain uniquely characteristic religious
claims about truth of Jesus Christ. *Though this
is actually a difference between Christianity and the other two major
religions, Judaism and Islam, it coincidentally creates a similarity between
those religions of Judaism and Islam. Judaism and Islam both deny the belief of
Christians that Jesus is the son of God, due to the fact they see him as
another God to the Christians other than the one, true God. *Judaism and Islam each see the Christian view of God
as purely and much too radical, seeing that they believe that God wouldn’t
simply become a human, and extremely idolatrous, which relates back to the
aforementioned explanation that they do not see Jesus as God, but as a separate
god 1. From the perspectives of Judaism and Islam, these alleged extreme
beliefs about Jesus by Christians are seen as extremely inconsistent with the
basis behind all three religions (monotheism).

there is speculation among the Islamic faith about Jesus’ role in history, Muslims
do regard Jesus as a very great prophet, but do not see him as the Christians
do; as the Messiah and the Son of God. The Jews, much like the Muslims, don’t
see Jesus as the Messiah, but also don’t see him as a respected prophet and a
“failed” Messiah 1. To Both Judaism and Islam, Jesus is NOT the
great prophet and savior that Christians see him as today. This is one major
topic that both Muslims and Jews fully agree on mutually 1.

*All three faiths emphasize their special covenant with
God, for Judaism through Moses, Christianity through Jesus, and Islam through
Muhammad. *Also, Islam recognizes Judaism’s and
Christianity’s revelations as well as prophets. *”In
addition, Islam makes frequent reference to Jesus and to the Virgin Mary, who
is cited more times in the Quran than in the New Testament.” 2

In the end, these
three religions, though they each are different in some ways, are also very
alike. They all share common views such as monotheism, they have very similar,
if not identical roots when referencing “fathers” of the faith, such
as Abraham, and the location in which they all had have their roots (The Middle
East). Finally, the main, and possibly greatest, similarity between these
religions, is unity. Father Jim has said countless times how Religion is strong
in unity and, by studying and analyzing different sources and notes, it is
evident that unity is truly a fact of all three of these religions and is the
“glue” that keeps faith strong. 


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