Christopher are particularly significant to countries in the

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Christopher StauntonGeography 101Fall 2017 Maritime boundaries areparticularly significant to countries in the pacific realm so internationaltrade will not be hindered, it eases conflicts among countries and smallcountries depend on it.

China believes it owns 80percent of the South China sea and they want to control it. The South China seais particularly important to keep open for international access for trade.Singapore is the largest shipping port in the world.

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The United States areneutral on the matter as to who owns this area but they believe it is importantto keep it free and open for international access.   It is important to keep this open so tradecan move freely to and from Europe, Africa and Asia. The Pacific Realm hastens of thousands of islands and when the land jut out into the sea there aredisputes over who governs it. Many countries are involved and therefore thereis a high possibility for conflict. It is important that the maritime boundariesare adhered to so as not cause any conflict. Some of the islands still areunder their colonial rulers but many have become independent and thus thiscaused conflict in the boundary lines.

In 1945 President Truman claimed thecontinental shelf for the U.S. which thus set off claims from other countriesaround the pacific. The claim to the waterscauses problems for the independent islands who rely on the waters to providefor their people.

A country like Tuvalu which in 1978 received independencefrom Britain doesn’t have much natural resources except for coconut meat. It dependson other countries to pay it for the use of their 750,000 square Km of ocean. Theyfeel these countries the U.S., Japan and Norway over fish their waters and don’tobey international agreements. They are exploiting Tuvalu and when there isnothing left they will then end the agreement with them. These islands havelittle natural resources therefore their maritime boundaries are verysignificant.

Maritime boundaries arevery significant in the Pacific Realm. It is important that no one country hascontrol over the oceans so trade can move freely around the world.  Tens of thousands of islands are situatedwithin the Pacific Realm some independent and some still governed by theircolonial owners, this could cause conflict and sometimes does. These smallislands have very little natural resources and rely on their maritimeboundaries to rent out their waters. 

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