City vs Country

There are many differences between living in the city or in a country setting, but the country setting has many more advantages over the city. The air and water quality and other environment factors are improved in the country setting.

The school system is safer and less crowded in a rural setting. The roads are not loaded with traffic and taxis. The country is safer than the city and crime rates are lower. In the country, there is an abundance of trees and vegetation. In the country, there are parks and open spaces, and there is a variety of wildlife to observe.Although some of the reasons why one might choose to live in either place are left to personal preference, there are many factors based solely on facts. Some advantages of living in a country or rural setting are very clear.

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Country air is normally deemed more clean and fresh as it is in a wide-open area with an abundance of plants to make oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. The water in streams and lakes in rural areas are cleaner and less polluted. The country provides many more open spaces, such as fields and parks, with an abundance of vegetation.

Wildlife is also able to flourish because the country provides more space and available resources. In the country, school systems are not crowded, and there are often smaller classroom sizes. When schools are found to be equal on other levels, Schools in the city or urban environment are more likely to report an incidence of violence when compared to schools in a more rural setting.

Crime rates in the country are very low in most places. In the country, there is much less traffic on the roads. When compared with the city there is not as much drug and gang activity in rural areas.

According to a variety of national and state-level databases, crime levels in rural areas in every region of the country are almost always well below the crime rates of cities. These are some of the reasons the country has certain advantages over the city. Fast paced and exciting city life also has its advantages. In the city, people do not have to drive very far to reach places.

They may not have to drive, as there are many public transportation options. They may to take a cab, bus, subway, trolley or walk to a variety of locations. Many people travel by using public transportation on a regular basis.Using public transportation can eliminate the need for car payments or car insurance, and it is better for the environment. In the city, there is an abundance of retail stores, and the commute to work may be considerably less. Access to train stations and airports are also common in most cities. The city is full of exciting and entertaining activities to do.

A variety of clubs and bars are available for those who enjoy the nightlife. Cities also have the venues that host events plays, comedy acts, concerts, and sports. Many types of museums and institutes make their homes in cities.

The city is also home to many hospitals and medical treatment facilities City life has some advantages in entertainment, and public transportation. Country life may be plain and simple, but it does have a few drawbacks. Because of all the open space in a rural setting, traveling distances between places are almost certain to increase. Because there is so much open space many thing in the country are far apart. The availability of public transportation may also be limited. Walking might not be an option either because of the distances involved. Major retail stores may be located far away from home.

Some rural towns have very little to offer in the realm of entertainment. Many rural areas do not even have a local movie theater. There may be a bar or two, but not many clubs or much of a nightlife scene.

People may also live a greater distance away from family and friends. There may not be many large local events such as concerts or shows hosted in a country town. The country can have serious effects on people with allergies to pollen and other air borne plant particles. Because there are many trees and vegetation in the country the pollen count can get very high and can severely affect people with allergies.In the city, there are a few drawbacks mostly to do with distances and entertainment. Although living in the city can be fast paced and exciting, there are some disadvantages involved with living there. The environment in the city may not be as healthy in the city. The air quality is usually reduced due to emissions and the reduced amount of vegetation and trees.

City water is often treated with more chemicals. The rivers if any are more likely to be polluted in the city. The amount of litter on the streets is often higher. There are fewer trees and parks with not as much open space.There is not very much wildlife present in cities. The schools in cities often have larger classroom sizes and more students per school. Violence is so common in city schools that many of them need metal detectors and security guards to help protect children.

Schools with more students in urban and city areas have higher violence rates than schools that are more rural. Most people are aware that the city can be a dangerous place. Crime rates are higher and gang and drug activity are more prevalent. Traffic in the city can be a nightmare.

Accidents and traffic jams can have people stuck in one place for long periods at a time.Some of the issues related to life in the city such as safety, environment, and school quality are serious disadvantages. Even though there are a couple of drawbacks to living in the country, there are many more advantages to living in the country. Some of the advantages to living in the city can still be experienced without living there. A person can take advantage of the entertainment options in the city while visiting. You can also experience some of the advantages of the country while visiting like observing wildlife, traveling through parks, open spaces, and fishing or hunting.

Although there are many variables to consider, there are very few things more important than the safety of one’s family. The importance of a quality education in a safe environment is a serious priority to be considered when weighing the options of a permanent living situation. The environment and ease of country living seem to be other attractive features. While there are many differences between living in the city or in a country setting, the country setting has more and important advantages over the city.

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