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Black Americans faced may areas of discrimination in the 1950’s which affected many different parts of their lives and which were often linked together.

The first kind of discrimination I want to talk about is Schools and Universities. Black Americans did not get the right education because of the Topeka board of education. They would not provide black Americans with decent school equipment so they could not fully do their education in school. This meant that other problems arose when the time come to get a job and certain other things they could not get.This had the following consequences; the black Americans could not get a job because of poor education.

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This also led to them not being able to vote because they had to take a literacy test to be able to vote. Another reason is that since they had a poor job they did not get a good pay which led to black people renting or buying cheap houses. Black Americans also had hardly any chance of getting a car with such a little pay. So many black Americans lived in the same area, these where called ghettoes. This subject on school and universities was also linked to the following, jobs, voting, transport, health and housing.

So the next subject I am going to talk about is Jobs.Black American could not get could jobs with out a good education. This could not be improved unless the Topeka board of education gives black schools more and better equipment than what they already had. So it was just one big cycle which black Americans kept going around in. Another reason black Americans can’t get good jobs is because most shop keepers where white so they where racist and would not give the black Americans jobs even if they had good qualifications. This had the consequences of black Americans not being able to get a good pay o move out of ghettoes or get cars to go travelling this could also be linked to health because they could not get a health plan because they might not have a good job and the second reason is they good not probably afford the payments of a health plan anyway.

So this topic is related to health, racism and transport. The next topic I am going to talk about is transport.Black Americans could not get cars for one main reason. They could not afford one. This is because they did not have a good job thanks the Topeka board of education not supplying good enough equipment.

So the way they get out of this is to get an education and try to get a good job which was really hard to do. This is because now one would accept black Americans at a white college which is where they would need to go for a good education which means they could not get a good education which means they could not get a good car or any type of vehicle. This is I personally think is related to nothing that I can think of so I am just to move on to Voting.Black Americans could not vote because they could not pass the literacy test because of their education. So they could not vote for a black president to take over and change things for the black Americans. Another reason is the test for literacy would be fixed so black Americans could not pass the test anyway. This is had the following consequences, on schools/universities, jobs, voting, transport, health, housing, basic racism, “Jim Crow” laws and the Ku Klux Klan. Now the next topic I am going to talk about is health.

Black Americans could not get a health plan because of the two main reasons, they didn’t have a job which offered them and they could not afford a health. This leads to no consequences which I can think of. So the topics related to it are jobs now I will move on to basic racism.Black Americans where not Allowed to use the same toilets, public restaurants. This is because white people did not want to associate with black Americans. They had to give up seats on buses if white people wanted the seats.

This is a disgrace. I can not think of any consequences to this besides the act that it is worse pubic places than what the white peoples would be. This topic is related to schools/universities and jobs. Then the last topic I am going to talk about is housing.

Black Americans lives in a place called a ghettoes, an example of a ghetto is Harlem. This is because black Americans could not get enough money because of the job that they had. They had poor jobs because of their education. This had the consequences of it being a rough area where white people dare not go to on a night or during the day with out a threat that they could be killed. This subject is related to schools/universities and jobs.

;The Civil Rights movement developed in the 1950’s thanks to two main cases. The first one is about a little girl called Louise Brown. The second case is about a woman called Rosa Parks. These to cases are now going to be discussed about in more detail.The first subject I am going to talk about is the Case of Louise Brown. Louise Brown lived next to an all white school, but, Louise was black and was not allowed to go to that school.

The nearest black school was about a two mile walk every morning and night. Louise’s parents went to court about this factor with a lawyer called Thurgood Marshall. They won the case and the Supreme Court said that segregation is wrong and should not be allowed. This was a great victory for black people. They thought that all segregation was going to be ended. This was not the case. Even though the Supreme Court said that segregation was illegal white people still carried on as they normally would not letting black people enter white children’s school. Then in 1957 at Little Rock, Arkansas, Federal troops had to force there way into a white school so that black people could attend that school.

The final aspect I am gong to talk about is the Rosa Parks case. This case started when an old woman would not give up her seat to a young white male. The rule on the bus was black people sit at the back of the bus and white people sit at the front of the bus. The second part was if the white section of the bus is full a black person must give up there seat to a white person. This is what happened in the Rosa Parks case.

Since she refused to give up her seat the bus driver had stopped the bus and told Rosa Parks to get off. When she did Rosa Parks was arrested. When Rosa Parks got out of the police station she went to see her local reverend, Martin Luther King. Rosa told the reverend what had happened. Martin Luther King suggested that all black people should go on a bus boycott. This meant that all black avoided using buses at all costs. After a some time the bus company was going broke and gave in to the black people who celebrated this marvellous victory The Civil Rights movement changed a lot thanks to a couple of things.

One of them is because of two people called Stokely Carmichael and Malcolm X and such as the integration of black children and white children and some other aspects which I am now going to explain in greater depth.The first aspect I am going to talk about is the Black power movement involving Malcolm X and Stokely Carmichael. These two people where the leaders of the black power movement. They wanted to build a new society- a black society. They wanted black people to be taught their own history and not the history of white people. Also the black power movement where all armed and trained for the battle with the police.Now the next aspect I am going to talk about is integration of school. Black people had trouble integrating schools in the southern states such as Alabama, but, the events which took place in Little Rock, Arkansas speeded up integration in most other place.

Now to bring about the end of segregation in would take the Civil Rights act of 1964 to stop it.Now the next aspect I am going to talk about is Martin Luther King. Martin Luther King, Ralph Abernathy and other Negro leaders organised a new campaign against segregation in several cities such as Birmingham and Alabama.

This is because race relation where at there worst than any where else in the south. Now with the new group which Martin Luther King and his colleagues formed he started doing freedom marches, until, he got arrested and put in jail. In jail he was not allowed to contact anyone. This was only the beginning because in April of that year he done one of his biggest freedom march where at least 300,000 Negroes took part. Students at school staged sit-ins. Supporters black and white came from all over the world to see these demonstrations and maybe to join in. This is the end of question three. In the late 1960’s the Civil Rights movement had come a long way since the organisation first started.

They managed to integrate black and white schools together. Then a law passed stating that racial discrimination was illegal. These two aspects and other aspects I am now going to write about in greater detail.The first aspect I am going to talk about is education. As you may know there was a lot of fuss about integrating black and white students. These where called demonstrations. The demonstration which mainly affected the integration was the demonstration in Little Rock, Arkansas.This is because after this demonstration the integration was speeded up, but, like most things it is either happening today or took a long time to be completed.

There was another demonstration in Mississippi. A Negro called James Meredith had qualifications to go to a university in Mississippi, but, when he arrived at the university the mayor would not let him enter the university. This made the president get involved. Then he ordered the Mississippi’s National Guard to be under his control, but, there where still riots on campus. Then there were some states that got around this by doing a thing called bussing. This is where a bus from a Negro or white school go to the opposite school and bring some children back there school.

This is how they got away with it. Besides this the got around the desegregation rule.The next aspect I am going to write about is Voting Rights. Voting Right5s had moved on since the organisation first started. Negroes thought this happened because of Martin Luther King. This is statement is probably true with all the peace protests and the non-violent ways that he had.

They say he changed the attitudes of white people. This is why in 1973 a Negro was voted the mayor of Ls Angeles. In this city one in eight people are black. This means it is true about Martin Luther King changing the attitudes of white people.The next aspect I am going to talk about is employment. Employment improved a lot in the early 1980’s.

The people of a city had a vote to see if white people thought that Negroes should have equal job opportunities. The end result showed that white people thought that Negroes should have equal job opportunities because the final result was 97% in favour of the Negroes. Another reason is when the Civil Rights movement first started Negroes had a hard time finding jobs. This is because they did not have very good qualifications. As the schools integrated the qualifications got better and better jobs come along, but, in these jobs racism might still be a factor. These new jobs provided more money for Negroes to move out of ghettoes such as Harlem.

This was better because ghettoes where a mayor problem for Negroes.This is question four of five and it taught me more about the final result of the Civil Right movement and with this I would agree with most people if they said the Civil Rights movement had come a long way since it first started.

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