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Hayden Stanfield Professor Feddersen English 1113. 1924 15 October 2013 What Makes Movies Great? Movies have been around since humans discovered film cameras. They began as silent films which are movies without speech and a few subtitles. These films then integrated sound and became extremely popular within modern society.

In modern times, movies are categorized by a variety of techniques. The most important technique is the effect they have on the audience. From anxiety to suspense, each genre has special techniques they use when establishing a connection with the audience.Among the genres, there are horror films. These involve scare tactics which cause great suspense within the audience.

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Suspense is the state of mental uncertainty or excitement; however, horror films also induce suspense that increases anxiety. The scare tactics that create anxiety are used consistently in films with darkness and a variety of monsters. Darkness brings the feeling of unforeseen action, while monsters terrorize the audience. These films may also attack hidden fears of the viewers. The movie, Arachnophobia, which was produced in 1990, terrified people of all ages.This movie brought the fear of spiders to another level. In one of the scenes, a man is eating popcorn and swallows a spider on a popcorn kernel. The spider bites him in the throat and crawls out of his mouth.

This can cause massive hysteria and phobia for spiders within many children. In effect, the children will have nightmares due to the fears they were exposed to during the film. In addition, producers involve murder and gore to these influential movies.

This violence convinces citizens that this type of behavior is acceptable. Today, teens love horror films for the thrill they eceive.In conclusion, horror movies appeal to the fears and secrets to create thrills within the viewer. Drama is developed mainly on the basis of emotional feeling and suspense. Emotional feeling is created by connecting the audience to the characters to the audience. As suspense within the movie increases, so does the connection. This connection fuels the plot in the movie Forrest Gump.

The audience grew a bond with Forrest as he went through strenuous tasks for his love, Jenny. He accomplished incredible feats, traveling across the world, going to war in Vietnam, and meetingElvis Presley and Richard Nixon. In summary, the movie was a great aspect of a drama by influencing people to do great things. On the other hand, dramas can have some negative influences on society. For example, the love experiences can be damaging.

Young children who watch dramas can be filled with false information on what love is and perform based on what they viewed. Not only are dramas filled with love, but also sex. This deceiving strategy manipulates the minds of the viewers. Adventure movies take a similar strategy as horror and drama.These genres use pecial themes to develop a plot and conflict. The plot of a story is made from five story. In addition, the exposition announces the conflict, the problem the character has to deal with.

Next is the rising action, which builds suspense within the viewer and pulls them in. The climax then takes place; the point when the suspense is at its maximum. After the climax, the tension declines which is known as the falling action. Resolution occurs at the finale of the film when all loose ends are tied up.

Loose ends are unanswered questions.Adventure movies strictly follow this plot because it is the est for creating an elaborate storyline and development of a character. Usually the main character often changes morally throughout a movie.

Some effects that adventure films have are sparking people to Journey on great adventures. Some movies include the protagonist battling emotional conflict within them in order to progress as a character. In the movie Pursuit of Happyness, Will Smith plays a salesman struggling to make a dollar while taking care of his son in the city of New York. This fantastic movie left a message that influenced many Americans to fght for their dreams.

In addition, adventure movies give people a limitless amount of possibilities. Finally, producers keep the audience entertained with beautiful sceneries. This draws the audience’s attention and keeps them begging for more. Overall, the few genres mentioned affect society in both positive and negative manners. Horrors have been hostile to modern youth while drama has been destructive. However, adventure creates motivation in these adolescents. Finally, these movies reveal the secrets and truths about genres. This leads viewers to look beyond an average movie and expose new discoveries.

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