Climate Change/Global Warming

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Last updated: October 4, 2020

Without the greenhouse effect the planet would be uninhabitable, for example plants take in CO when they grow in the spring and summer and lease it when they die and decay in fall and winter. When the Industrial Revolution began in the mid-asses people started to put out large amounts of greenhouse gases. As more people began to drive automobiles and more fossil fuels were burned to run factories and many other things, it added to the greenhouse gases natural supply, that have been in the atmosphere for centuries.Because of this it’s creating an extra thick blanket around the earth, resulting in the earth heating up about one degree Fahrenheit over the past en hundred years, but the intensity has increased within the last two decades. Many scientists are convinced that for the last decade the earth has been getting warmer.

Sometime in the sass’s there were a few weather stations placed around the world compiling temperature records. During the twentieth century as well as today there are thousands of land based stations, as well as ocean buoys monitoring temperatures around the globe.Temperature Records since the 1 ass’s clearly show the warming of earth for over a century.

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(Source-EDP-environmental Defense Fund. N. P. Web. 2 Feb… 2013.

) How do we know if human activity is causing Global Warming? Scientists have explained all factors that explain the effects of earth’s temperature; One man thought that he knew that carbon dioxide traps heat in Earth’s atmosphere, this man’s name is Santa© Awareness he won The Nobel Peace Prize, and first proposed ideas of global warming in 1896, As well as burning coal and oil would release CO.Here are three essential factors that could be responsible for the rising temperature of the earth; 1. The sun as been changed since 1985, according to the EPIC and a recent study, where solar activity has demonstrated the Sun- has had little cause on warming since 1750 and seemingly none since 1980, if we turn up the temperature of the sun we warm up the earth, climate therefore is powered by the sun. 2. Changes are leaning toward a cooling earth instead of warming.

Computer models along with land based and satellite observation show that earth’s reflectivity has changed over time and that approximately thirty percent of the sun’s energy is being reflected back into space. . Greenhouse gases appear to be the only remaining scientific explanation for the rise in global temperatures.

When looking back more than fifty years, the most recent decades entail to have the most direct measures of CO.

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