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Last updated: September 20, 2019

Climate change have multiple affects on the human body. But these climate changes are brought by us humans, especially the ones that are more well off. The amount of fossil fuels that we burn are sometimes unnecessary but it makes a great impact to our climate and our health. In California and Nevada, the climate was usually dry heat during the day time and cool during the night time, but the heat waves are causing it to be more humid. This is a problem because people, animals, and plants who live in these dry areas are not used to this new climate change. Therefore, it becomes a threat to not just our health, but the entire ecosystem.

CCA or Canonical Correlation Analysis is a technique used to examine and summarize information. It was first developed by Hotelling to identify and quantify two sets of variables in social sciences. But here researchers used CCA to diagnose two variables one being the weather and the second being health outcomes.The weather data was collected from the North American Regional Reanalysis. The high frequency data was then averaged to daily timescales in each California counties tested to estimate the most accurate temperature and humidity during July 2006. California Department of Public Health provided data from the daily emergency for the year 2006.

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Which were the divided into categories of patients younger than 65 years old and patients 65 years old and older.As predicted, the results of the higher temperature and humity did cause more hospital visits. This was calculated by examining the weather data and the emergency visit data.

The results showed that they correspond to one another. But there are also other things to consider while looking at these results. In the Bay Area where it is usually a lot cooler, there is almost no need to install air conditioning which makes the people there more vulnerable to the heat. Where as in the southerneaster desert parts of California, there more air condition units installed so they are better prepared for the heat wave.

Demographics also play a big role in this because if they are from a less fortunate background the people may not even use their air condition or even seek medical help.

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