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Last updated: April 18, 2019

“Clipper encourages you make fun and intriguing recordings without doing any hard altering work.

” 4.5 Stars – AppAdvice Transform your video cuts into astonishing smaller than normal motion pictures with Clipper, the moment video supervisor. Orchestrate cuts, alter, include music, and apply impacts in seconds.

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At that point spare your magnum opus to your camera roll or offer by means of email, Twitter, and Facebook. For individuals who need to have genuine, innovative motion picture making power on their iPhone and iPad! Ideal for portable writers and inventive movie producers. Alter video, sound and photographs at the speed of your inventiveness. Quickly orchestrate your clasps on the Storyboard, without surrendering the exactness and control of the full Timeline. Include advances, speed and montage impacts. Make and tweak titles, and construct soundtracks for your motion pictures. Appreciate 1080p yield and offer your film specifically to YouTube, Facebook, or send your venture to Pinnacle Studio Pro (accessible in the App Store) for considerably more effective altering in a hurry! Effectively Access Your Media • Work with any media on your gadget—video, sound and photographs • Capture video and photographs from inside the application • Use the “Open In” highlight to open perfect records from other different applications • Transfer ventures (with media) between Pinnacle Studio Pro and Pinnacle Studio for Windows • Download media from iCloud Photo Library specifically from the application library Improve • Use Montage layouts to make multi-layer 3D livelinesss, changes and titles • Help your story stream with 16 changes, including top notch breaks up, blurs and the sky is the limit from there • Generate proficient looking movement titles and illustrations with full control over content, textual style, shading, size, position and turn • Create astonishing Picture-in-Picture impacts with full control over position, size and turn • Pan and zoom on your photographs to make high-affect slideshows • Create moderate movement/quick movement for video and sound and keep up sound pitch

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