Cloud assessment is in understanding, analyzing and adapting platforms

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Last updated: July 12, 2019

Cloud computing can also be defined as enabling users, to expand and contract capacity and capabilities via self-service platforms. Cloud computing inherits the following characteristics: On-demand self-service, extended network accessibility, incrementing resources, controlled service growth. Cloud computing adapts on demand self-service which broadens users access to storage and operations without prior human interactions but the most appealing characteristic is based on the policy of pay as you grow in terms of services needed. These characteristics are adapted and implemented over various cloud service and deployment models.·         Both the articles explains about the importance and study of cloud service and deployment models, importance and benefits, implications, strategies and recommendations that cloud computing offers business organizations to add value to their growth and expansion. Cloud computing offers four types of deployment models Private Cloud, public cloud, visual public cloud and hybrid cloud when it comes to the benefits  as when a business organization leverages with cloud technology, the overhead of infrastructure costs and need to support rapidly increasing global expansion gets eliminated.

When the software delivery is done by cloud, then cloud computing technology keeps updated that allows access and adaption to latest trends and technologies easily and efficiently. Cloud computing paradigm offers new infrastructure technologies which aim to reduce costs, accelerate efforts and improve performance to achieve best results. Since different cloud service and deployment models offer different capabilities, risk mitigation should be explored more vividly. The fundamental aspect of strategy assessment is in understanding, analyzing and adapting platforms with which cloud computing can add value to your business organization. Since, leveraging a business organization with cloud computing holds high importance, to add more value the following recommendations should be considered: Over recent times research work in the fields such as mobile computing, wireless networks, and cloud computing have created value propositions and new opportunities to improve the system. These three key domain based technologies when supplemented with new processes, stand chance to define quantifiable benefits for the cloud to deliver success.

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To conclude the integration of cloud computing services with business organizations is growing mainstream over the years successfully.

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