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1. Whose point of view is expressed in this document?The Coalition for the Advancement of Medical Research Stem cell comprises of scientists of the National Committee on Embryonic Stem Cell Research are required to prepare the draft of national legislation of the imaginary country Adanac. In order to make the legislation more viable they seek the cooperation of similar groups in other nations with regard to the activities, controls and restrictions that are to be incorporated in the legislations within the boundaries of the Constitution of Adanac.

2. What is their role in society?The Coalition for the Advancement of Medical Research operates with the participation of patient – organizations, universities, scientific societies and other foundations. The main aim of the CAMR is to develop stem cell research and somatic cell nuclear transfer through advanced cell transfer technologies. This innovative medical technology will help cure terminal illnesses and significantly improve palliative hospice (Coalition for the Advancement of Medical Research).3. Position on use of embryonic stem cells from existing cell linesEmbryonic stem cells are very effective in healing diseases since their development and subsequent implanting in any cell of the body is easy. Most of the Americans encourage research in embryonic stem cell and encourage the advancement of stem cell research and nearly seventy per cent of citizens support such research. Research on stem cells has been welcomed by the religious fundamentalists and even the newspapers have acclaimed such research (Coalition for the Advancement of Medical Research).

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4. Position on use of embryonic stem cells from discarded embryos from IVF clinicsIn vitro fertility clinics or IVF clinics store the excess stem cells that have been produced from fertilized eggs and store them, at very low temperatures, in deep freezers for further use. These cells are offered to infertile couples.

If the number of these stem cells exceeds 100,000 then the clinics destroy them. It is mandatory for these clinics to neither conduct research on stem cells nor offer them to other infertile couples (Coalition for the Advancement of Medical Research).5. Position on use of embryonic stem cells from embryos created by IVF for research.The use of embryonic stem cells has been restricted to cure terminal illnesses.

Scientific research enables the development of human embryonic cells into insulin producing cells to cure Type – 1 diabetes. This will help nearly 100 million Americans (Coalition for the Advancement of Medical Research).While conducting  research involving human embryos, specific  importance should be attached  to  human dignity and the principles enshrined  in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights 1948 and the Universal Declaration on the Human Genome and Human Rights 1997.6.

Position on use of embryonic stem cells created by therapeutic cloningTherapeutic cloning will help in reproducing healthy cells in place of dead or damaged stem cells in patients of cancer and other terminal diseases. About 100 million Americans suffer from cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, spinal cord injuries, heart diseases, ALS and other types of diseases. There is no permanent cure for these diseases at present. Hence, there is a need to find a solution for the patients suffering from unbearable pain and terminal diseases. Somatic cell nuclear transfer or SCNT, often known as therapeutic cloning, will be helpful in treating these diseases (Coalition for the Advancement of Medical Research).

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