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Cody L Jones.IRLS210 D007 FALL 17: International RelationsYukinori Komine  1.

     Explain what Zewei’s article fromthe week 4 reading was all about. Be sure to identify the thesis andconclusions. Zewei’s Article”Western International Law and China’s Confucianism in the 19th Century.Collision and Integration” was written on the way Confucian’s saw the ideologiesand concepts though China’s Empire and the blending and integration of internationallaw. The Chinese faced difficult times regulating and getting involved into internationalrelationships due to the Opium Wars, this would make dealing with Europe andother international states seem as if they where unable. With the war on Opiumand the international outlook that china now had made them vied as incompetent dealersof international trade, with china allowing Europe exporting of drugs intochina the downward spiral of the country would start shortly after (Zewei285-306) with laws crushing china as well as the economy declining china and theirgovernment would need to buckle down and follow Britain’s international lawseven at the cost of endorsements.

  2.     What are the mainideas in Steinberg’s article?The main ideas for Steinberg’sarticle is the influences in the political world which often came by the handsof the NGO which had a significant impact on the responsibility of the organizationwhich over all was to ensure that everyone is treated equally and fairly aswell as  including human moralities this includingtheir political views, and rights as humans. NGOs work primarily on behalf ofthe people for the people and is not politically driven  in a particular way, they also focus ongaining the sources of funding (Steinberg 24-54).3.      Based on the Cragg, Arnold, and Muchlinski article from week 6, whenand why did “business and human rights” become an internationaltopic? What explains the delay?Based onthe Cragg, Arnold, and Muchlinski article, the primamry issue was address in the1990’s. It was not until later 20th century that people believed thatand thought, that the government was indebted to maximize human wellbeing andwelfare as well as to ensure that rights were being respected by everyone (Ruggie2006 and 2007).

People looked towards the government for protection, care, andwellbeing especially when it comes to their rights many of which assumed whereprotected.  This issue was brought to attentionby all the attention and information given to international globalization andthe development of Multinational Corporations. Research and inquiries were broughtout about the willingness and capabilities of national governments to fulfill thebasic human rights of humans and their roles and responsibilities to itspeople.

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