Colorblind Racism

What does Eduardo Bonilla-Silva mean by colorblind racism? How do the movies along with the readings thus far validate or invalidate his premise? According to Eduardo Bonilla-Silva, colorblind racism was once called the Jim Crow racism. It is a curious racial ideology. Silva claims that the component of any racial ideology is its frames or set paths for interpreting information. Due to factors like slavery, the chances of blacks catching up the lifestyle of whites are very slim.

Colorblind racism has four frames; Abstract liberalism, naturalization, cultural racism and minimization of racism. The most important one is Abstract liberalism because it constitutes the foundation of new racial ideology. Silva explains how instead of terns like niggers, spics and chinks being used, colorblind racism otherizes that these people are humans too. Minorities are considered people who do not work hard enough to earn a living, or be on the same level as most whites.

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Therefore, colorblind racism aids in the maintenance of the white privilege. The movie and the readings validate because in the movie, we saw black students and white students clearly working together in school, sports and etc. , but there was still silent confrontations going on. There was a white student who admitted that being white is better than being black because whites have certain priorities and more socially acceptable.


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