Combining my success and within three years I

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Last updated: May 26, 2019

Combining my technical as well asbusiness skills and using it to establish my own Multinational Corporation bygaining a competitive advantage over the rival businesses are my long termobjectives in life. I grew up in India at a time when computer science wasevolving exponentially. This new advancement that was revolutionizing everyaspect of life made me curious to explore it even more and I opted computerscience at an early stage of my primary education.

Reflecting good grades, Igot admitted into one of the best colleges of the state, where I graduated inInformation and Technology with admirable projects and an exquisite job.Havingworked with a number of Multinational Companies for more than forty months, I have earned colossal technical experience developing multiple web/mobileapplications and handling clients from around the world. I started working witha clear vision in my mind that was to explore new technologies and always be anefficient team player. The hunger to learn more helped me speed up my successand within three years I escalated from being an ‘associate software engineer’to a ‘Team Leader’, handling resources as well as project documentations.  Apart fromthis, I am a co-founder of a start-up company, which is in the process ofmanufacturing a home automation system. I operate as a business analyst, maintaining documents, analyzing business requirementsand designing technical solutions for our product.

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 Out of the variety of courses present, ‘Data Analytics’appeals to me the most. I wish to do a research in Data Analytics, convertingdata into functional decisions and create an innovative solutions that touchesthe lives of people in positive ways. Data Analytics provides us with aninsights that leads to better, faster and more importantly relevant decisions.In a competitive business environment, monitoring your business is important,however getting perpetual updates about competitors, customer trends andpotential markets is equally important.

This can be achieved through BusinessIntelligence and will help my firm achieve success at relatively acceleratedpace. Recently I was responsible for assembling an efficient team of thirty members to organize a hugemusical event. For that we needed good talent, a lot of resources, planning and mostimportantly, sponsors. I believethat I had a lot to contribute to this team environment; I prefer to helpresolve group conflicts through tested data and communication. For example,during planning for the major event sponsors, our team struggled to decide howto set up the proposal. We had a clash of thoughts and a common decision couldnot be derived due to which the whole event was at jeopardy.

Rather thangetting into an argument about personal preferences, I did some research usingthe data I got from previous events to help me finalize the most fertile dealwhich would mutually benefit the performers as well as the organizers. Bysharing the new statistics research and the rationale, my teammates and Iagreed this was the best approach. Not only did we have a great event but alsothe revenue generated was the highest as compared to the past five year record,even the customer satisfaction was up several percentage points over lastyear’s event.

I learnt a great lesson of teamwork from this experience, ourteam was full of talented members who were experts in their own domains, to getall of them working together and focus their attention at a common goal was themain factor in the success of the event.

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