Come to Mecca

‘Come to Mecca’ is a colletion of short stories written by Farrukh Dhondy focusing on the racism in Britian.

Dhondy tries to show the image of the new generation especailly the young generation. The language he used in the stories is natural to show city’s people behaviour towards each other. All of his stories mainly focus on single person from different angle of the attitudes towards them. ‘ Free Dinners’ focuses on Lorraine, a young, mixed race girl who is confused about what society she is belong to. Lorraine confronts authority at school and then on the streets later in her life.Dhondy always used the language that is more realistic and obscene, and try to show real society we are living in. The narrator of this story is actually the classmate of Lorraine and he shows the image of Lorraine through his eyes. Pete tries to show the way Lorraine changes in the circumstances as she grew up and her character.

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Pete attitudes towards Lorraine tells us that time changes the people character, attitude and life. The time is the very sensitive and deliberate thing that can’t be wasted and have to used it very carefully.Pete and all his classmates used to abuse and tease her in the school time because she is one out two people who used to depend on free school dinner. But Lorraine never cares about these things and usually ignores the whole people and hangs around on her own. Lorraine seems to act like a mature and intelligent girl. Pete who at first is very ignorant and prejudiced, but becomes more comprehensible towards Lorraine.

Pete attitude towards Lorraine changes as he starting to know her, he always got attracted by the way she deal with things in the class and the talent she got to act.Her background identity is a mystery but she is bekieved to be half cast. This is why is a deliberate approach to distinguish the two sides of the Lorraine has which she sometimes can be confrontational and disrespect and on the other she is fairly obedient and subservient. She is very ambitious about having a career in acting. She has a talent to be an actress, but her attitude brought her down to earth. This point let her start to think very optimistic about her future. Lorraine is a strong personality girl. She always has two faces for everything.

She used to act dumb in school and on the other side she has the knowledge to understand films that teach us some moral lessons. This story is represented from the eyes of Pete. Pete, who was prejudice towards Lorraine. He never used to like her because she used to stand up for the thing s she got and she have.

They were the only two people in whole year that used to have free dinners. Pete used to hate free dinners, this never used to bother Lorraine. They were two-diiferent personality. Pete, who tries to make things better.He wants to promote himself towards his life. At the Pete started to understand Lorraine’s life. In fact Lorraine who taught him what’s the meaning of life and he always try to thank her what actually she done for him. Conclusions- it is joining together to give us positive and negative and very sad ending by watching Lorraine suffering as a prostitute.

This story written to give us some knowledged about some people suffers from joining two different cultures. Culture, which is joined by love without thinking about the future.The story is written to spread the message that prejudice is an act that often misleads people to wrong ways and sometime waste thier talent and their life. Racism often leads to many complications and perilous cases to violence and riots and divides the communities in half.

That’s what Farrukh Dhondy tries to explain and spread this message to the world that two communities only come together when racism die and until we understand each other’s communities properly and try to increase the peace.

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