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Last updated: August 24, 2019

Communication SkillsCounselingis a kind of communication process that occurs between the counselor and theclient.

 In counseling, counselors arehelping clients to make accurate diagnoses, detect emotional distressin patients and etc. Since better communication skills of counselor help clientto make better health decisions. To be an effective in communication, counselormust have communication skills such as good listening ability, attending,empathy, observing, awareness, summarizing, thinking, verbal expression and reflecting,probing or questioning etc.  1. ListeningabilityThe counselormust have good listening ability to capture and understand the messages thatclients communicate as stories and whether those messages are transmittedverbally or nonverbally. And also having good listening is important forcounselor to understand the combination of experiences, behaviors, facialexpressions, general appearance, and physical appearance and etc that cause tothe emerging the client’s problem.

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In addition to that listing ability ofcounselor lead to valuing the client and demonstrating interest for theconversation is very helpful to success the counseling process effectively.2. AttendingAttending isthe way of counselor is with their client both physically and psychologically.

Attending depict to the client that counselor with him and he can share theirworld with the counselor. So, improving this kind of skill to the counselorhelps to develop relationship with client and that help counselor to deal withthe client. And also having effective attending of counselor leads to listencarefully to what their clients are saying or not saying and this helps tounderstand accurately about the client situation and difficulty that he face. 3. EmpathyEmpathymeans that counselor temporary forget his/her own frame and think beyond theirframe about clients and try to understand and tackle the clients world andhis/her thinking pattern ,the way they are look at their problem andacknowledging the client’s emotions.

By improving this kind of skill by thecounselor can understand and recognize the actual problem of the client thathe/ she face. As well as, counselor can easily recognize and provide thetreatment to their clients.5. ObservingObservingclient/patient body language, voice tone and emotional expressions also helpcounselor to understand and recognize the situation of the client and his/ herproblem. By using this skill counselor can realize the client’s responses onhis questions and that help counselor to determine his treatments.

6. SummarizingSummarizingalso a kind of communication skill that must poses with the counselor. This isvery useful for the counselor to summarize what he/she said within counselingsession, what are the things that have discussed, what are the treatment thatprovide and that useful to motivate the client to reduce he/she abnormalsituations.

And also having a summery helps the counselor to prevent fromsaying repeat things to client and I it will help client to move forward fromtheir current situation. As well as this summery is helpful counselor tosituation in which the client is stuck and that can use as an aid to push the clientforward. 7. Probingor QuestioningProbing iskind of questions and statements that ask by counselor from client regardingany significant issues of he/she life.

Probes are in form of statements,questions, requests, single word or phrases and non-verbal prompts. By using theseprobes counselors can encourage reluctant clients to tell their stories. Andthat will help clients to identify relevant issues they may faced. Not onlythat, this helps clients to recognize their behaviors, experiences and feelingsof their story and helps to identify the missing parts of the story. Since byusing probes counselors can accurate picture regarding the situation that facethe client and that will help counselor to determine the next step of the counselingprocess.       

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