Communication: Poetry Presentations

Poetry, more so than prose, is known for its _______________.
aesthetic qualities

___________ is/are a literary device used in poetry.

Two schools of poetry are:
Oral, Classical

Poets are most often classified according to _________________.
all of the above

It is important to reflect upon the title before reading the poem

Poetry’s history:
Predates Writing

_____ of poetry are identified by the poets that create them.

In addition to being a type of poetry, a ______________ can refer to a way of disecting or analyzing poetry.

Which of the following literary devices is found at the end of the following lines from the poem you just read?”And be one traveler, long I stood And looked down one as far as I could”

The conventions that poets are free to use in their work help to _______________ the meaning of their poems.

When a poem is interpreted before an audience, the speaker must make the material his/her own.

When reading or presenting poetry to an audience, your _______________ must remain constant.
Eye Contact

Poets, unlike writers of prose, often rely on literary _________ to convey their message.

A poetry interpretation should contain _________________.
All the above

Which of the following is not a literary device typically associated with poetry?

All types of poetry take basically the same form.

The birth of poetry ____________________ that of literacy.
Came Before

It is not recommended that a reader of poetry ____________.
Think of counterexamples for the message

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