Communication that your technical skills are unmatched but

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Last updated: September 14, 2019

Communication is simply the process of exchanging a messageor information from a sender and a receiver. Communication has many forms;verbal, non-verbal, emotional, written, and visual. We live in a world wherecommunication is a lot more valuable and having the skills for effectivecommunication is more vital than ever. It is virtually everywhere; whether youstudy communications, or engineering.

Effective communication is not only a necessary aspect inthe workplace but also in daily life too. In the information age wheretweeting, texting, and emailing are used widely, effective communication islonged more than ever because we are forgetting what verbal communication is, letalone doing it right and effective. Of course, communication through devices isimportant. However, we mustn’t forget to speak professionally. For example, inthe US, the divorce rate is nearly 50 percent and surprisingly, the primarycause for this is poor communication.

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Having a solid grasp of communicationwill surely play a major role on your path to success. Let us imagine that that your technical skills are unmatchedbut you cannot really communicate effectively, then this puts you in asituation where you are less likely to be promoted. As stated by a Job Outlooksurvey conducted on 2011 by National Association of Colleges and Employment(NACE), employers look for communication skills the most.

Inside the workplace, effective communication is key. Allbusinesses have aims and objectives. Effective communication will lead to ahealthier and happier workforce, therefore increased efficiency. Without it,there would be no sense of synchronisation, no one would understand clearlywhat is going on, and group work would be torture. Basically, a lack of effectivecommunication would lead to inefficiency, therefore financial struggle for thebusiness.Diversity in the business is beneficial as it helps generateideas and provide insight to international markets. However, a diverseworkplace may lead to language barriers which could potentially becomecommunication problems.

Language barriers may be prominent between people ofdifferent ethnicities. This will lead to understanding problems thereforeproduction or productivity will decrease and so will efficiency. It is alsostated that businesses that adapt effective communication benefit from increasedproductivity and deeper relationships with customers.Another problem to effective communication is feedback, or thelack of it. One-way communication may lead to inefficiency as employees wouldnot receive any constructional criticism therefore they cannot improve theirwork.

Managers should always provide feedback to employees to maintain theirhappiness and willingness to produce good work. Additionally, feedback frommanagers will make the employees feel safe and cared for therefore increasingtheir motivation. This relates to Mayo’s motivation theory in the workplacethat suggests communication is vital in meeting employees’ social needs, andfurthermore; Maslow and Herzberg that recognising employees’ achievements andself-esteem needs.New hires are often exposed to communication problems asthey are not used to the culture of the company. They should what methods ofcommunication are used inside the company, and the ways to do it effectively.Managers could help new recruits overcome this obstacle through one on onemeetings or orientation programs. This would benefit the company as well as thenew recruits as they would feel welcomed and motivated therefore avoiding anypotential causes for inefficiency. Size may become unconventional when trying to communicateeffectively.

The bigger the organisation, the harder it will get foreffectively communicating. Especially in more centralised structures wherethere are lots of hierarchical levels, communication between the levels willbecome a hassle. To overcome this issue, companies with said structure need torun on an effective culture of communication.To conclude, there are a lot of reasons why it’s vital forcompanies to adapt a culture of effective communication if they wish to avoidcommunication problems.

As well as the workforce successfully working towardsthe company’s aims and objectives, there are motivational benefits to effectivecommunication. Employees will feel part of the business, coordination and asense of control will be established, decision making will be enhanced,customers will be satisfied therefore more sales and profit, supplierrelationships will be enhanced, and chances of obtaining finance willsignificantly increase.   

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