Communism movement. Communism is an economic system which

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Communism is an ideological and a social politicalmovement. Communism is an economic system which is influenced with politicaland social agenda. The main aim of communism is to set a communist societywhere everything is owned and operated by people of the state.

It is a doctrinethat wants to remove private ownerships of properties from society and want tomake people the real owner of all resources and that too equally. Normally inother economic systems working class owns nothing and they are paid on wagesand salary system, the working class cannot become owner of the company inwhich they are working if it is a capitalist economic system but in communismeverything is owned and operated by working class. Communism focuses on makinga state which is proletarian there is no class system and class system will be demolished.

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In communism the alienation of labor is like a crime and against fundamentalsof communism structure while in other systems this is very common that peopleare divided by powerful people into class system and labor becomes victimizedof alienation. Communist societies are also know as free societies where there is no oppression on working class and wherethere is no scarcity of resources. All members of communist state can getanything from resources according to their need but not more than their need. Itis normally viewed as a branch of the more extensive Socialist development. Theoverwhelming types of Communism, for example, Leninism, Trotskyism and Luxemburgish,depend on Marxism, however non-Marxist forms of Communism are Christian Communismand Anarchist Communism. In the late nineteenth Century, the expressions  communism  and  socialismwere frequently utilized reciprocally. HISTORY OF COMMUNISMKARL MARXKarl Marx was a philosopher and economist and knownfor his theories about capitalism and communism.

Marx said that this classbattle would bring a situation where working class will take force. His mostacclaimed book was the Communist Manifesto. He composed it with FriedrichEngels in 1848. The book is about the thoughts and points of communism. Later onhe also wrote another book Das Kapital which is also known as Critique ofPolitical Economy.

It was first time published in berlin in 1967. Marx workestablished the frameworks for future Communism pioneers, for example, VladimirLenin and Joseph Stalin although they made their own version of communism butstill they believed in Karl Marx and considered him as father of communism. Marx focused on labour theory of value . Hedemonstrated that the cost of a product was dictated by how much work time hadgone into it which indicated how laborers were abused. Like we can take exampleof gold have you ever thought about that why gold is expensive it is expensivebecause to mine a kilo of gold thousands of hours are needed to be invested bylabour to mining process.

In Communist manifesto karl marx placed tenfundamental demands and these demands later on became the basis of moderncommunism with minor changes. The demands of Karl marx are as follows1)      Noone can have private property and there is no private property concept incommunism. 2)      Landbelongs to people equally as it is source of all produced resources so no onecan inherit it for its children 3)      Therewill be free education for all equally and there should be no discrimination 4)      Transportand communication system will be centralized by state5)      Heavytaxation system will be established6)      Agriculturaland manufacturing industries will merged 7)      Alllabour will be equally liable 8)      Productionsystems will extended to state 9)      Norebel will be able to hold property and state will seize it. 10)  Therewill be state bank and credit will be centralized The main idea in the Communist Manifesto is thatmaking one class of individuals would end the issue of nonstop class battlesand cycles of upheaval between the middle class and working class classes.Applicationof Communism on Modern States The use of communism moved in russia after theRussian Revolution of 1917, when the Marxist Party in Russia changed their nameto the Communist Party and introduced the execution of communist approachesunder Vladimir Lenin. Lenin is considered as father of nation in modern Russiaand then Ussr state. Lenin Died in 1924 and then another communist leaderJoseph Stalin came in Russia to rule the state party. Joseph stalin was Russianleader during world war 2 and under his command Russia defeated Germany inworld war 2.

The main reason of winning that war was red army which believed incommunism and thought everything in Russia is theirs. In 1949, the Communist Party of China under commandof Mao Zedong declared the People’s Republic of China. The early Chinesepolices were all focused on communism. Both china and Russia made significantgrowth in arms and industry.

By 1970 almost 35% of the world’s population lived in Communist states,including the People’s Republic of China, the Soviet Union. There otherprominent countries were Cuba, North Korea, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Angola,and Mozambique. In 1990 and 1991 soviet union eventually collapsed and that iswhen communism mostly got weaken in the world as spear head was fallen.  Advantagesof communism1)      Incommunism People are equal as there is no social class.People feel more privileged to be part of such societies where they are treatedequally.2)      Everyone in communist state gets job as it isfundamental that every individual has to play his part in economy so state willgive everyone a job to do.

3)      Internal economy can be stable as governmentdictate it. 4)      There is no competition in communism as everyoneworks toward a same goal.5)      Strong communities is another trait of communism.People fight for each other there is less chaos in society.

Defense becomesstrong as every individual knows it is his country so he has to fight for it. 6)      Resources are distributed efficiently as everyonegets what he need in communism and resources are distributed according to needsand not according to demands.  Disadvantagesof Communism1)      Youcannot speak against state and freedom of speech does not exist 2)      Allbusinesses and properties are owned by government.

3)      Thebalance between demand and supply is very hard to maintain in communism.4)      Governmentdon’t take consumers needs into consideration.5)      Wheneveryone knows that they will get what they need then a lot of people will noteven work so in this way efficiency will go down.

6)      Resourceallocation in diverse situations is very hard in communism. 

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