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 Community Psychology Essay: Supporting and coping. Community psychology has the ability to embrace one ofthe key principles, to act as an advocate on someone’s behave, for socialchanges through supporting an individuals, and disadvantage groups, such asindividuals dealing with mental health illness and close families on how theycan use help groups to improves the lives of the individuals and other aroundthem. The contribution of this monograph offers support and put actions/ goalsinto place to provide opportunities for all individuals to achieve meaning andto create control over their lives.

Community psychology provides resourcesthat individuals might need for their well-being. People with high depression will have low social supportand more life event than people with high social support and few life events.Social support might have a moderating effect on the relation between lifeevents and depression.

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In addition, there may be interaction effects amongethnicity, social support, and life event on depression, compared with Maori inthe rural city, and compared with Europeans in towns Maori in town will havehigher depression. In some research, it shows that if you have a high level ofsupport in your area, this can result in lower levels of depression (Clark andJensen 1997).  Moreover with boning tieswith enamours and friends, they can help support you in what you are goingthrough and how it might be affecting your social interaction with others. Community psychology has had a major impact on mentalhealth when it comes to supporting and coping with mental health illnesses. Foran example when it comes to individuals suffering from mental health illness,we can easily neglect the individual; by not giving them, the support that theyneed to improve their wellbeing, as quoted in (The Guardian) article. Insteadof looking at the individuals personal traits or their differentcharacteristics of the individual. Community psychology on the other hand looksbeyond their characterises, they try to what has affected this personthroughout their lives, what have they been though.

Community psychology islinks with a lot of different services, so within this example a team will tryand see what service are available to educate the induvial on their currentissues and how they can be improved over time or how they can help them tocope.   Community psychology has the ability to understand socialexperiences to mental health problems such a social execution. Mental healthproblems can impact on social exclusion, such as the lack of financialresources and because of the effects of illness, including low self-esteem,loss of social contacts due to hospitalisation or the impact of illness onsociability, or the stigma experienced by many of those affected by mentalillness. However, poverty and social exclusion are also likely to lead to anincreased risk of mental health difficulties, such as the result of stress ormanaging appointment dates and different medication, living circumstances,local environment, and decrease in opportunities for positive self-esteem.Community psychology has influenced our environment in manyways. There are support group that are in the communities in the UK to offermore support in local areas if they haven’t been referred to apsychiatrist.

  Mental health servicesoffer additional support with a number of different areas that can help towardsin mental health problems such as; emotionalproblem, relationship problems, housing, medicines, money and benefits, workand getting back your self-confidence, as mentioned by (Timms 2013). In thecommunity, there are different teams that specialised in a wide variety ofareas from depression to schizophrenia.  The term ‘Coping’ is to invent own mechanisms to solvepersonal or interpersonal problems, this can be used to deal with anysituations that might occur on life. Obtaining and maintaining good copingskills takes a lot of practice and a lot of will power when it comes to lifeissues such a mental health illnesses. In community psychology there are focusgroups that allow individual to turn their negative coping skills such as,excessive alcohol, drugs, denial and so on. These negative coping skills whichcan hinder progress in dealing more positively with different types on mentalhealth illnesses. The aim of support groups are to turn the negativity in positivityto give the individual empowerment to take control of their lives and to getthemselves into a good routine to ensure productive progress in their healthand well-being.  In the support sessions they can speak to otherindividuals on how they might be coping with their illness with differentsupport around them or with tips for better mental health stability.

Forexample volunteering; being involved in community gives a sense of purpose andsatisfaction that paid work cannot, gives them time and the ability to exploreareas that cannot be read. Finding a local organization where your life skillscan be transferred into good and can also teach other and talk about your ownexperience.  In conclusion, the contributions ofcommunity psychology to support and coping in relation to mental health. Whilstit has provided theories and examples of its contribution in the community,it’s only just beginning to develop a sufficiently larger volume of researchand putting their findings into public eyes and work withdifferent organizations on how they might be able to improve their services tosupport individuals.

The aim being a successful collaboration between theMental help support and coping and community psychologists. This would provideopportunities for better acknowledgement between individuals dealing, coping orwould like to know more about Mental illnesses. 

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