Companionship lot of strong points and weak points.

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Last updated: May 14, 2019

Companionshipmeans minor individual followers arrangement or two persons arejoining in this companionship organizations. It can remain part the income alsoconcerns this company. Mainly here stay signing the contract and carry on the business.

In this companionship companies changed from another companies. All thesethings doing the contract. Companionship companies are giving to profit anotherpartner. In this companionship companies have a decent or bad store.Companionship companies are three types.

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There are, General Partnership, LimitedPartnership, Limited liabilities partnership.Thereare lot of strong points and weak point in this companionship companies. Thenstrong points are all companies earn lot of capital. Main part of these companionshipcompanies. Then investment the and improve development to the companionship organization.But sometimes companionship organizations are planning to development theircompanies for every year.

Another strong point is associates are saving their revenue.In the last strong point is decision making. All companies are development tothe director boards and employees. But director boards are thinking and get topositive result. These are the strong points of partnerships company.

Companionship companies have to weak points. But some organizations are tryingto remove the weak areas. There weak point is profit sharing. But somecompanies earn to capital and they are not like to share the capital. If thismatter to faced in another partner. Sometimes he or she leave that the partnership.

These are the weak point of partnership. Inthis question another part is Limited Company. Limited company means personsare backlog an organization also they are retained a team of people it calledas the stakeholders. They have infinite own responsibilities and debenture of society.Limited Organization are in these organization take along cash and theyare mark an agreement now to private name. Limited companies are two types.There are Private Limited Company and Public Limited Company.

Limitedorganization have a lot of strong points and weak points. Limited organization hasto strong points. There are in height safeties in that occupational. Additionalstrength part is they are not using a company car. These are the strong points oflimited additional weak area are price compound financial records andlimited money rising.

Companionshipcompanies and limited organizations are reliant on minute change. Companionshipcompanies are danger but Limited Organization are not most likelyLimited organizations. 

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