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Compare and Contrast Essay: Snob versus Nerd Schools

Snob versus Nerd Schools are the biggest place where most people get their classifications from. Once you hit a certain grade that is when people get labeled especially in older grades starting in middle school, and this classification stays usually throughout your life. In every school there are always the snobs and the nerds.

These two particular groups have their reasonable differences. However, snobs are the real big classification out of two. When it comes down to it, snobs have to have every little thing in life. Clothing, for example, has to be one main riority of a snob.They all have to have that fancy clothing. Snobs have to have the name brands such as Aeropostale, American Eagle, or Buckle. But on the other hand, they also have to have the name brand shoes to go along with the name brand clothing like Clarks, Sperrys or the Nike tennis shoes.

Name brand clothes to snobs are the biggest thing if they do not have them; they freak out and pout. Most snobs will make it known that they can go out and get all the expensive, fancy clothing. Fancy, expensive clothing should not be a factor when being a snob.Another concept on snobs would have to be their talents. Most snobs are in the more athletic departments in high school or even college. Snob girls focus more on sports like cheerleading, volleyball, or sometimes softball. The girl snobs, in this particular category, show it more because they think Just because they are in these sports that they have to look down on everyone.

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I know at my school most of the cheerleaders were friendly, but the others were always thinking that they were better than others Just because they were cheerleaders.In addition, the boy snobs focus on football, basketball, or baseball. The guys that are the football or baseball teams are the worst ones because they are always being mean and picking on others, and they will only date those girls that are either cheerleaders or volleyball players. Basketball players are not that bad. Talents are not everything. A snob’s personality says it all.

Most snobs think that they are better than everyone. Just because they have the money and everything does not give them the right to be mean to others. This is a really big factor.Snobs are always being the mean ones.

They are usually most of the bullies. A snob has that personality that they think that they are all that. When they look at others in a way, snobs are like well they have no money or they are weird; so they pick on them. A personality of a snob is that type of some rich person. They think that they have to have all the fancy clothing, nice cars, or be on the popular sports.

Most snobs are like explained above, but on the other hand some are not. Some are really nice to others and try and help others out.One the flip side, the nerds is the ones that always get picked on.

For example, a nerd’s clothing is unique. They like to sometimes wear clothes like ties, button downs, and penny loafers. Some nerds also like to wear suspenders. Some nerds are not like that though. Others like to wear the clothing like the nerdy t-shirts and the Converses or the Vans.

Some nerds also like to wear suspenders. Nerds have a unique way of showing themselves, and their clothing is one way because they know that they are a worried about what others think about them. Nerds are focused on their school work.So clothing to a nerd is unique, and they Just don’t care.

I mean some do try and fit in, but in my opinion most do not care. Also, the talents of a nerd are greatly different. Most nerds are in some type of club whether it be a book club, chess club, or Just a homework club. These types are fun to a nerd because they are doing something that they enjoy. But nerds get picked on because they are in these types of clubs; so most do not let it be known that they are in the clubs. Another type of talent to a nerd would have to be that they like eing in the band.Most of your nerds are in the band because they feel that they are comfortable around each other. On the other hand, some are Just called nerds because their talent is that they like to pay attention in class and do their homework on time.

Sometimes nerds are picked on by this particularly because they ask all the questions, do their homework, or always helping others. When I was in school, I would sometimes get picked on for being a nerd because I would always do my homework, but also I would help others that needed my help.Unlike some nerds hen they are called a nerd they take it to heart, and when that person that calls them that asks for help they will not help them. So Just because a nerds talent is to be in a club, band, or even liking to do homework does not mean that they are any different. A nerd’s personality is one of the big differences from the snobs. Nerds are those people that really like to keep to themselves. They are intelligent but sometimes socially and physically awkward. Most nerds are shy.

Some can be unattractive, quirky, and unpopular.Some nerds try to block out that they are nerdy to fit in with he others in high school. But if they know that they cannot fit in then with the others then they will find other groups of nerds and Join that group. Nerds are always the ones to be picked on especially when they try and outsmart everyone else, but that comes naturally with their personality. Snobs and nerds are very different in their clothing they wear, the talents they do, and their personality. Snobs are usually the ones that pick on the nerds in school. Snobs and nerds are the same no matter what they are classified as or how they appear.

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