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The Grey Mouse vs. the Inflatable Bounce House

English Composition 1 10/16/2013 The Grey Mouse vs. the Inflatable Bounce House With kids you have to know what restaurants are the best to hang out at to have a good day out with your kids. Two family attractions that are popular in the Green Bay area are Sir-Bounce-A-Lots and Chuck E Cheese. Sir-Bounce-A-Lots and Chuck E. Cheese both offer a great variety of activities than other kid friendly restaurants in the Green Bay area. The fun activities, The varieties of food that kids love, and lively atmosphere at Sir-Bounce-A-Lots, makes it a better place to go while spending a fun illed day with your kids and/or family.

One of the enjoyable things about visiting either Sir-Bounce-A-Lots or Chuck E Cheese is being able to sit down and enjoy a meal with your children. Both restrants offer pizza as main course and the same types of soda for beverages for you to enjoy. Both places have different appetizers which sets them apart from one another. Sir- Bounce-A-Lots offer items such as chicken tenders, onion rings, and fries with or without toppings, and much more; Whereas Chuck E. Cheese offers chicken wings and a salad bar as their specialty appetizers.They also have things like chicken uggets and French fries for the people who don’t like to eat pizza or Just not in the mood for pizza on your visit. If you are not in the mood to eat some pizza Just take a look at their menu. They may have something that will satisfy what you want.

Another enjoyable thing about both Sir-Bounce-A-Lots and Chuck E. Cheese is you can celebrate birthdays at both places and they do accommodate your needs if you Just let the hostess know you are visiting there to celebrate a birthday. You can also make a reservation for the birthday party, but it can be a little pricier doing the eservations.It is cheaper doing a walk in birthday party at both places. Even though due to the busyness of Chuck E. Cheese on the weekends, if you are celebrating a birthday you may want to pay for a reservation because they typically are so packed it is almost impossible to enjoy having a party there unless they have a whole table reserved for you in their special reservation area for parties. There is a lot more to do at Sir-Bounce-A-Lots and Chuck E.

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Cheese besides enjoying a meal as a family. They offer a wide variety of games to play with the purchase of their tokens.Both Sir-Bounce-A-Lots and Chuck E.

Cheese have similar games to play, some actually the same games and are ultimately awarded in tickets for playing the games to trade in for prizes they offer. Sir-Bounce-A-Lots doesn’t have mascot, they do have inflatables for the kids to play on with a purchase of a wrist band. The kids are able to play for an unlimited time on the inflatable while you are there to enjoy your time together.

The kids always love the inflatables and it is a good physical activity to get their energy out after they have used up all of their tokens.The inflatable bounce houses are also a great way to get your kids with that uncontrollable energy out. Chuck E.

Cheese has their mascot Chucky comes out once small kids can make them scream and cry because of his looks can be found scary and he is a huge mouse in general which can be scary. Then you have the enormous crowds to deal with on top of the freaky mouse. With the activities at Sir-Bounce-A-Lots, including the inflatables, the many games, prizes, and large dining area that is separated from the playing areas which makes it a more enjoyable and laid back atmosphere.You don’t have to be in a rush to when our kids are out of tokens because they can continue to play on the inflatables there. People are bumping into your table or knocking stuff off the tables as they pass by. Sir-Bounce-A-Lots are usually not as crowded where you have to fish through a crowd just to find your child. Just trying to find your child in a busy crowded place can become very stressful which leads to no fun for the parents. Sir-Bounce-A-Lots are so wide open and with all the space you can sit at a table and still see where your child is going to.

Overall, Sir-Bounce-A-Lots have a way better atmosphere being laid back nd not as loud and are better in the aspect of activities and space for the kids more than Chuck E. Cheese. At Chuck E.

Cheese often times especially on the weekends you have to stand in line and wait for a table to get in. It is typically very crowded and hard to move around and keep an eye on your children. The dining is within the playing areas which makes it uncomfortable to enjoy your food. People constantly bump into your table knocking items off which make it really frustrating while eating.

You can eat your food at Chuck E.Cheese and spend your tokens up and once that is one there isn’t much more to do except cash in your tickets for your prizes. Chuck E.

Cheese is also a lot more loudly than Sir-Bounce-A-Lots. The voices of the children and the music and all the parties that they always have going on there you can tend to leave there with a headache or Just pure exhausting from Just being there with all the different things going on and trying to dig through the people to find where your kids have taken off to. Both Sir-Bounce-A-Lots and Chuck E. Cheese are great places in Green Bay to dine out and have a little family fun and it is even enjoyable for adults.Both places are pricey no matter which one you chose to visit unless you have value coupons.

With the many inflatables and laid back dining which is set off from the play area makes Sir-Bounce-A-Lots more fun, and lively atmosphere. You won’t be disappointed when you leave because your kids would have enjoyed themselves and they will be all worn out after enjoying the many inflatables. They will be ready to go home and relax, which makes it the best part of the night as parents because it will be an early bedtime. What parent doesn’t enjoy that? It ends up being a peaceful night on the homefront.

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