Compare and Contrast: Traditional Families with Modern Families

Similarities and Differences between Traditional and Modern Family

Family patterns are changing dramatically because of the demand of modern life. This essay will examine the similarities and differences between traditional families with modern families.

Similarities between Traditional and Contemporary Families

The main similarity is that traditional and modern families are the same as in terms of constitutional concept. Both are a “unit structure” or “basic organism” of which society is composed. Traditional and modern families similarly have to complete functions such as procreation and socialization of children.

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Another similarity between tradition and modern families is that both are a favorable milieu of love and care. Family is the common environment where children are born receive a moral education, where their aspirations are encouraged. Two similarities between the family patterns have been examined, now this essay will discuss two big differences, which are size and head of family. One important difference is size of family. Size of traditional families are larger than modern families. They always live with their relatives and have a lot of children, which the reason why they are big families.

Difference between a Traditional Family and a Modern Family

Whereas modern families are the nuclear families only include dad, mom and one or two children. These family patterns work in the office. Their children don’t live with their relatives and only meet them on special occasions, such as birthdays and New Year. I think this difference effects modern families because it is unfriendly and unsympathetic. The second major difference is head of family. Men who have the power to order members of their families to do everything are always head of traditional families. Women usually take care of children at home.

Women and children must listen and follow whenever men tell them. In contrast, modern families don’t have the head of family because women and men are equal. Both women and men work outside. They share ideas with each other. Women and children can decide by themselves. For example, when women come home, they don’t do housework alone because men need to help together. I think it’s the positive change in our societies. When societies change, families also change. Both good and bad things change. In conclusion, people should choose the good things to change their families because families are important.


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