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Compare and contrast rules of officialsSimilaritiesBoth officials must check the size and dimensions of the pitch so that rules are the same and fair between different fixtures and players don’t have to run further than others putting them at an unfair disadvantage. The officials also need to check that the equipment is not broke so that it does not affects the game. Both officials must confirm if a rounder or goal has been scored for example a point is awarded for a full rounder and half a point is awarded for half a rounder. the officials also boths need to make sure that all player are obeying the rules and if they are not need to be told and penalised if necessary.  They both must have an open mind and not be biased to towards any teams because it is very unfair on the other team.

be consistent on decisions and not be swayed on influences for example crowd and coaches.DifferencesThe officials in rounders are fairly static however the officials in football always have to be on the move because they need to have the best view of any incident. Also the officials in rounders have a certain part of the game they have to focus on for example the batting umpire only looks at the batter and the bowling umpire only looks at the bower, where as the officials in football have to be looking at every part of the game.

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football officials need to be a lot more physically fit because they cover a lot more ground than in rounders. Suggest how the rules,regulations or scoring systems could be modifiedRounders:A possible new rule could be that when the batter is caught out one handed then instead of that one person being out, the full team is out and the teams swap from batting to bowling. this would make the game a lot more intense and make the batter play a lot more technical shots due to more pressure being on the batter. also the bowling team could have five minutes of power play where they can bowl over arm making it a lot more harder for the batter to hit the ball. A base could be so that it is harder to get a rounder and people may be run out more often making to game a little bit harder and more technical.

football:A new rule for football could be a sin bin just like in rugby where a player has to sit out for ten minutes which puts the offenders team at a disadvantage for a short period of time. also the size of the ball could be reduced which means the game will be made harder as the ball will be harder to control. Also for ten minutes a team is allowed to bring on an extra player giving them an advantage to push and possibly score a goal and after the ten minutes the player must instantly leave the pitch. Also a rule could be that when the attacking team enter the opponent’s half they are not allowed to go back into their own half, which makes the game a lot more attacking and intense.

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