Comparing the opining extracts of David Leans And Jarold’s film adoption of Great Expectations

I am going to compare the two versions of Great expectations. I am comparing the BBC version that was made in 2000 for television to the David lean’s version of Great expectations that was made in 1945 for the cinema. For both the films I am going compare the setting, location, the props, the costume, hair, and make up, music, and sound effects, lighting, and colour framing, and camera movement, Editing and other visual effects, Great Expectations was a novel turn into a television drama and film in the cinema.

All directors need a setting and location to create a certain atmosphere according to the program or film. In the BBC program the setting is in the graveyard and it is dark it is set in a marshland with open fields. The place is isolated also in the 1945 film and it is also dark and set in a graveyard. When these two versions of Great expectations start they have already created a scary atmosphere to the viewer. I think that both the film will get a; lot of viewers due to the time it was set and because the film was set after the war and people needed something to watch to rest their minds. I think the 2000 film will not get as many viewers as it wanted because it’s a old program and a lot of people don’t like old programs.

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Every film and TV program needs good props to keep the viewer amused and entertained and so the director can make the characters believable and real characters. In the 2000 television program they use props for example in magwitch has his legs chained together for sound when he was walking you couldn’t see him but you could hear him walking. Similar to the David lean’s film magwitch was chained so in both film and program viewers know if Magwitch is a convict or not and the directors have the chance to hide the convicts face to create suspense and tension. There was a dead rabbit there in the BBC version and in both the film and the television program there were birds. The birds flew to show the place was isolated and no one else can hear your screams so you are all alone. There was a book used at the start of the film, which was a book this told us this film was made from a book. Both film s used props according to how the director wanted the film to look both film props were slightly different obviously because they had different directors.

Nearly all directors use costume hair and make-up all directors need good costume hair and make up to make a good television program or film. They need good hair make-up and costume to make the character look like any person e.g. an evil man, a strong man, a poor man etc. In the BBC version Pip looked like a scurfy poor person in the film pip looked smartly dressed. The scruffy image tells us that this boy is probably poor. The smart image tells us this boy is probably rich. In both films Magwitch’s image is the same he looks scruffy his clothes are ripped he looks dirty and he has a shaven head which in those days only a few normal people had shaven heads only convicts did.

All directors need good music and sound effects to create tension to get the viewer attracted to the film. There were birds whistling trees creeker and the wind was blowing a coil breeze in both film and television. This music and sound mix togther created a scray atmosphere. IN the BBC version the music is constant but in the film the music is first slow and up beat then its jolly music. The music and sound effects from both films create a ereere kind of mood and atmosphere.

In the television program and the film there is both lighting and color. In the BBC version the lighting is natural light but in the David Leans version there is artifical light. I think the BBC version and all the light it neede so they didn’ need artifical light but I think the film didn’ have all the light it neede therefore they used artifical light. There was a dark color used in both films to create a scary atmosphere. The was light on Pip in both films to show us pip was inncont the directors can also use light on people to show they are angry in the film light was used on pip’s sister Joe Gargery to show that she was angry.

In both films the framning and camera movement changed frequnatly. At the start the camera is zooming in then theres a long shot. In the BBC version when Pip is being chased the carmea is hand held to put us in magwicths place. Whan Magwitch catches pip in the Television program a close up is used to show Pips emotion. When Magwitch sees Pip in the 1945 film the camera zooms in to show emtion on both peoples face.

Directors need editing in films to make the film accurate and how they want it to look. In the 1945 film the editing is too slow butr in the telvison program the editing is fast. I think this editing is different because of when both the film and the television program was made due to advances in techonlgy the BBC version could edit more quickly. In the film there was not much editing done when Pip and magwitch were talking but in the BBc version there was a lot of edingt but it look like there wasn’t a lot because the editing was done so fast.

There were outhre visual effect in both extracts of the film and televison program. In the film the cfreidts came up at the start because it was in a cinema and the director assumed that no one would walk out a film already paid for. In the television program they put the credits on when you was gripped to the film. They didn’t put them on at the start because they wanted to attract viewers so the didn’t watch adiffrent chnnal.

My favourite version of Great Expectation was the film because it was more clear and easy to understand then the television program. I Foul the the filnms technique the most effective because it told you and didn’t leave you in suspense all the time. The film and television program were different the director of the television program was trying to make a better version of Great expectations but I don’t think he succeed.

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