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Comparison and contrast of two higher instruction Web sitesIntroductionTwo web sites were chosen from the higher instruction sector. They were from the Universities of Manchester and Buckingham severally. Their URL’s are given below:hypertext transfer protocol: /

ukhypertext transfer protocol: / is a province owned university with a pupil population likely in surplus of 20.000, whereas Buckingham is Britain’s merely private university, with a pupil population of about 700.

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In this study it was felt that a comparing of the two web sites from a user’s point of position would be a good research subject, given the diverse nature of the two establishments. In both instances the Internet Explorer was used.The analysisVisually a bluish coloring material is apparent in the Buckingham web site, whereas with Manchester it is ruddy that is striking. Both are good colorss for the serious visitant as opposed to yellows and oranges which would be more suitable to childs. Besides the fount is in black, with a white background, for both sites. This once more is an obvious pick for clearer vision.

The Manchester 1 on the other manus is slightly littered and congested with many picks. The Buckingham is less heavy and opens with a justification for it’s being by inquiring a rhetorical inquiry on how good it is. This, being an effort to concentrate on a cardinal component. Furthermore this site on it’s Home page had a big empty subdivision, giving the feeling that they had nil farther to state. The Manchester sites Home page was full, although there was an empty page, found in the pupil support subdivision.On it’s Home page the Manchester site prefers to get down with a long paragraph made of two long sentences.

For a spectator in a haste this does non portend really good. Nevertheless with a assortment of color exposure of pupils and architecture a sense of topographic point is given. The Buckingham site does that every bit good with coloring material images located on the top. The accent, this clip being on seeing happy pupils, who seem to be basking themselves. There so follow a series of slug points for speedy and selective reading.

A trial was carried out on how many pages it would take to make a peculiar location. It was decided that information on a jurisprudence class would be sought. It took merely 3 chinks to make the finish page on the Buckingham web site. Manchester took 4 chinks. This mainly was make to make with Manchester running more classs and that there were more pilotage sites to sift through. In order for the user non to lose way in both sites there was a Home page option. If the user were to acquire buried in the hierarchy of web pages, this would stay a good flight.

With the Manchester site the Home nexus was on top, whereas with Buckingham this was at the underside. The top is a more preferable location as the oculus usually rests at that place, on first review. Further research would necessitate to done on this. Both sites were found to hold adequate back links in instance the user missed something in the old page. Using the back browser may non be good option.

Neither sites were found to hold dead terminal pages, where the user is unable to voyage farther. Both sites had the pilotage bars on the left manus side, which now seems to be convention. They both allowed easiness of traveling around the site.

With respect to the Manchester site there were four pilotage links on the left and so a dense jumble of hyperlinks in bluish. On the other manus the Buckingham site has 9 links on the left with some hyperlinks in bluish. Research ( Darling ) has shown that for most computing machine tasks the users prefer 5-7 links. Both autumn outside this, as there were excessively many links ; With Manchester transcending by long manner. However it has besides been shown through surveies ( Darling ) that users prefer a few dense screen picks instead than many beds of simplified bill of fare. As an illustration in the Manchester site, the beds were non simplified as you clicked through to the undergraduate page. On the contrary the denseness of picks increased.

Both sites do non utilize multimedia engineering. This may be consider to avoid complications. However the Buckingham site could hold done with an audio debut due to it’s little size and it’s need for selling. However anyone with a hearing damage this could hold been a disadvantage, although there are options such as earphones. However, there was a demand for stopper in’s. Both require an Adobe package installed. Once this is installed the Buckingham site rapidly downloads.

A transcript of the jurisprudence course of study was downloaded and it did so really rapidly. On the other manus with the Manchester site a drawn-out papers was downloaded and this took around the 10 seconds grade. Research has shown ( Darling ) that for most computing machine tasks the threshold of defeat for users is around 10 seconds.From the point of position of a handicapped user with the Manchester site, character size may be hard to read by person who is visually impaired, peculiarly if it was on a 15 inch screen.

Whereas, with the Buckingham site, the font size is larger and is more comfy to read..In both sites the external links were working and day of the months on when alterations were made were given. Both, bespeaking to the user that the picks are current and that no clip will be wasted.

With the Manchester site the current reference of the webmaster is given in instance of any suggestions.DecisionBoth the Manchester and Buckingham sites are bespeaking to the user that they are up to day of the month. The Manchester site is slightly littered with a wider scope of colors. This overexploitation of coloring material, possibly is in danger of being overpowering.

The web sites are easy to voyage without much danger of the user fring itself. Furthermore they have a readily available Home page.Further WorkThere are uncertainnesss about the browser and velocity. Netscape browser was besides tried briefly on both sites. Changes could be seen in character size and velocity. This would necessitate look intoing farther. There is besides a demand to look at size and declaration of the viewing audiences proctors. Whether PC’s, MACs, runing system can impact the running of the sites.

Finally the interaction of handicapped users could be reviewed.Mention

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  1. Clark J. : Building accessible web sites, ( 2002 ) , New Riders Publication.

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