Components that Influence Health

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Last updated: April 16, 2019

It is important that a professional athlete does not take any illegal substances and does not take in too many alcoholic substances. Also, any professional athlete should not smoke.For example, an athlete such as Colin Jackson (110m hurdles), would not smoke because it can decrease lung capacity and affect many parts of the body that are crucial to his success. Also, over indulging himself in alcohol would result in his body losing shape and fitness. This is why professional athletes stay away from substances that can do harm to the body in order to keep themselves in peak condition.

Athletes should be more aware and careful of not only the dangers of sex but of illnesses that can start in the sex organs and related parts of the body. By acting responsibly the dangers can be overcome.For example, as a young player in the premiership with a lot of money Michael Owen finds girls will throw themselves at his feet. If he were to take one of these home with him he should make sure that he uses a condom to protect himself from sexual diseases.Also, getting regular check ups can help to prevent diseases, and early detection of diseases such as cancer can save a lot of time and most of the time saves lives. For example, Alan Stubbs got testicle cancer and he responded well to treatment and managed to get away with his life and career.Professional sports people should always be aware of their own safety in their surrounding environments, i.

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e. in the streets around them, in their own homes. They must be alert to the constant dangers around them. An example of this would be a professional footballer such as Robbie Fowler. He will go out for the night with friends to a bar or two in the city centre and on occasions has not thought about his own safety if he were recognised by a crazed fan of a rival team. This has lead him to be hit on different occasions. If Robbie Fowler had been more aware this may not have happened.It is extremely important for sports people to eat the correct diets and get their body’s nutritional needs through a healthy and balanced diet.

This means that a sports person cannot afford to eat too much ‘junk’ food and must eat healthily. Athletes who keep themselves in good condition through what they eat can lengthen their careers by keeping themselves healthy. An example of what a diet of ‘bad’ foods can do to you is Paul Gascoigne. He is always struggling to be fit from match to match and cannot be relied on to play well anymore due to his fitness problems.

Psychological and mental health is what will keep an athlete going on in a successful manner. Being well adjusted to the surroundings of where they are located, getting on well with team members, coaches etc and not getting stressed out are vital to keeping up with the particular sport. If a player is psychologically strong and feels confident with themselves and their team members they will perform better and do their best to win. Keeping a strong head even when losing is a sign of strong mental health. An example of keeping good mental health in sports would be David Beckham. Though he had a lot of English fans on his back after World Cup ’98 he had the presence of mind to get on with his job and ignore some of the things being said about him.

He continued to perform well and this has eventually lead him to becoming England Captain and a national hero.

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