Computer research oriented career in Computer Science. My

Computer is the ultimate symbol exhibiting brilliance of the human mind. Using the natural & magnetic properties of elements we made transistor & memory. Combining them cleverly and using the ingenious concept of bits, we made computer that can perform our difficult tasks with ease. In the marvelous era of information technology I feel a sense of pride in being so closely associated with the field of computer science. After considering my aptitude and the type of work that I enjoy most, I am convinced that I want to take up a research oriented career in Computer Science.

My aspiration to gauge the frontiers of scientific research led me to apply to UC, Riverside.My formal introduction to computer science began after I enrolled for bachelor of engineering in Information Technology at the most prestigious state funded engineering college of my state. I have always adopted a rigorous approach in order to attain an in-depth understanding of the subject at hand. The core courses gave me a comprehensive knowledge of the field.

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Various demanding laboratory assignments and projects provided me with better understanding of the programming standards and also helped me improve my programming skills. My main objective during under-grad study was to get an overview of various fields in computer science and identify the field in which I would pursue my research career.I am primarily interested in Distributed & Parallel Systems and High Performance Computing.

Currently I am developing a self sustaining system that can utilize the processing power of peer systems via wired network. I devised an AI algorithm for poker with which I secured third prize in an international coding competition at IIT-Bombay. I also worked on several projects; from Android app, automatic crawlers to fully featured web site, details of which are available in my resume. These projects helped me understand a great deal about Linux operating system, web development, AI and many more paradigms of the field and further improved my programming skills.Being naive in the beginning of my undergrad study prompted few blemishes.

But, then I focused hard for redemption of my low grades and therefore secured good grades in junior-senior year. During my senior year, I was recruited in a VoIP solutions provider company ‘Ecosmob Technologies Pvt Ltd’ in research division. I gained substantial experience of working in professional environment as well as in team — both as a leader and a member. After spending three months, I realized that my intense desire to do research work will be served better in academia. Thus I decided to apply for masters.

From the information about current faculty research, I found out about the pioneering research work ongoing at UC, Riverside in various fields of computer science. It would be a magnificent opportunity to learn from the distinguished faculties of the reputed CSE department at UC, Riverside. A few years from now, I see myself as part of a leading research group, contributing my bit to the field. Becoming part of your superior research team will be a big step towards achieving my goals.I believe that a good graduate program is the first and foremost step for realizing my ambition of becoming a competent researcher. I also believe that I possess the motivation, intellectual ability and preparation to do justice to your demanding graduate program and I will be able to justify to the fullest, the confidence reposed in a candidate.

I am looking forward to make my contributions to the research going on at UC, Riverside.

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