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Last updated: October 7, 2019

Conclusion and recommendation Our project was shown the effects of three main factors: the entrance exam result, the number of years learning English and self-study time at home in the first year. We have some conclusions on the relationships between the factors.

All of us know the fact is that if the result of the entrance exam was high along with a high number of years students have learned English and the amount of time they spend on self-studying at home, their IELTS score would be high and vice verse.By doing this research, we realize that the amount of time that students spend on studying at home has the positive relationship with their IELTS result, which means that the more time you spend on self-studying English, the better score you can get, even when you were not too good at English when you were at high school. Through our project, we would like to give out some recommendations for the better IELTS score achievement of Hanu students studying in FSD: 1.If you were not too good at English when you were in high school, you have to work harder when you enter to FSD. Trying to learn everything you are taught at class and practicing as much as possible with your classmates and your teachers, especially listening and speaking skill.

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2. One of the main factors affects to the IELTS result is the time students spend on self-studying English at home in their 1st year at FSD, it’s very important, therefore, students should word hard at home, spending at least 2-3 hours per day to improve their English skills 3.Besides, spending more time on practicing the sample tests, trying to make yourself familiarized with the format of IELTS tests, it will help you a lot for getting the good result. 4. You can do at least one English activity everyday, such as: listening to the radio, watching an English movie without subtitle, reading a book, a magazine or newspaper article, have a conversation in English…

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