Confidentiality core duty in medical practices. In the

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Confidentiality in health care talk about to the obligation of experts who are able to be in contact with patient records or communication to hold onto that information details in assurance and confedince.

 It is Rooted in confidentiality of the “patient and doctor relationship” that would be tracked to the 4th century B.C.  Also the known Oath of Hippocrates.This basic concept is the rock-bottom to medical professionals’ such as physicians, nurses, lab technician, physical therapist and social workers who work for the best of the patient.  We can say it is the core duty in medical practices.  In the other hand we find Security which refers to protection, specially to the tools and methods which areused to protect the privacy of health information related to patients in this case and other people working in the field from a broad aspect or view.  Also it assist healthcare providers in keeping that details of information in confidence.  For example, computers which are kept in secure are guarded with passwords and away from the hand of the manipulators or anybody who is not meant to see it and acknowledge about it.

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 Previously it was paper-based way in keeping them secure, but things has changed in latest decades.1- sharing information with doctor:    Patients often share private and personal informationwhich the commonly not tell anyone else with health care providers as long as the trust is maintained. If the confidentiality of this information were not safe and protected by the security means and measures which is mentioned previously, trust and honesty within the physician-patient relationship will be weakened or even lost. Patients will be less likely to share sensitive details and information regarding their case or the one which they are parenting in case of children, which surly is going to affect their care in a negative impact.2- motivating for the patient to seek help:    making a trustful relationship between patient and care provider establishes an ideal treatment and management. This goal cannot be achieved until the barriers between the patient and doctors are diminished in a way that insure respect as well. It may also increase the patient’s desire and willingness to approach healthcare. For conditions that might be effecting or touching emotional perspective of patient, such as reproduction and sex related health issues.

Also public health, and psychological health situations, big role of confidentiality is that it guarantees that sensitiveinformation isn’t disclosed or breached by others or delivered to family or other health worker without consent. duty regarding confidentiality1-     The commitment of confidentiality prevent the healthcare provider from revealing details and information regarding the patient’s situation to others without taking permission.  Also it encourages them and stimulate the health care systems to take insurances and security means to ensure that only approved access take place. Appropriate care often requires that information about patients be discussed among members of a health care team; all team members have authorized access to confidential information about the patients they care for and assume the duty of protecting that information from others who do not have access.   confidentiality to be breached1-     there are certain situation where confidentiality is to be broken, in another way we can say skipped.  For example, communicable/infectious diseases lead to serious complications to other people and community. In this case, the responsibility of the physician  to protect public health prevail over the duty to sustain a patient’s confidence.

From a legal angle, the authorities has a concern in protecting public health that be greater than individual independences in certain cases.  2-     The acceptability of breaching confidentiality be determined by the details of each situation and case. If a breach is being intended, it is advisable to look for a lawful advice before disclosure. Summary and Conclusion    At the end.  There are certain penalties regarding disclosinginformation about patient to those whom are not in the place of their parents caregivers at home.

 Other details of the information is related to ethics or racial origin, political opinions, religious or theoretical beliefs, health or sexual lifestyle should also be reflected confidential. Adult clients have the right to determine what information they consider personal and confidential. 

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