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Conscience: the awareness between right and wrong. Conscience is deferent in ways to every Individual, but can be viewed as a whole In society. Writers have the power to Influence society conscience through their works. Writers bring out the flaws In society and often look at certain aspects of life in ways that aren’t usually touched on by people in their everyday life.

Writers underline the hidden truths society does not want to accept. This is shown in “Master Harold and the boys” by Athol Fudged and “The Cask of Amontillado” by Edgar Allen Poe by ideas, symbols, characters, and efferent aspects that make their writing stand out.Both are very deferent styles of works, but come together to contribute Ideas of the good and the bad. However, with the writers Influencing our thoughts it is up to the Individual on how they interpret It. The ideas trying to be portrayed in “The Cask of Amontillado” and “Master Harold and the Boys” are different, but reveal some of the imperfections in humanity. In the “Cask of Amontillados’ there are several ideas that show us flaws in humanity. In the story revenge is a big motif and how it can overpower a person.From the first line ” UT when he ventured upon Insult, I vowed revenge,” we can see straight away how a person’s actions can power us to do horrible deeds.

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Poe straight away shows us how human emotion can override conscience through his perverse way of writing. Another motif is the negative effects of alcoholism. In the story alcohol has caused Mentors, the victim, to be unaware of his surroundings and unable to comprehend the events unfolding in front of him, therefore falling into the murder’s trap.His perverse style of writing catches our eyes and draws us in as we are captivated, then forth Influencing us as he shows us the dark side of humanity and hat Is wrong with society. Bustard’s take on flaws of society isn’t as perverse as Pope’s but he does bring to light problems of society and how the environment, people, and culture can influence our conscience. Fudged uses symbolism to portray rights and wrongs of society. One symbol was ballroom dancing as it serves as a metaphor for social peace and a world without violence and aggression.

However, It also shows a world in which the disruptions that occur In dally life under apartheid do not exist. Just Like “The Calls of Amontillado” the play sheds a light on alcoholism and how It can affect people. Hall’s father who is a drunk has caused Hall nothing, but grief showing that nothing good comes from alcohol. Another symbol is the bench, after Hall flew his kite and went to sit up on the hill, Sam had to leave him. The bench is a symbol for apartheid and racism.Apartheid comes under heavy attack in “Master Harold and the boys” regardless of apartheid being directly addressed In the play. The characters In each work represent a fault In society.

As In “Cask of Amontillado” Monotones, the murderer represents the cruel nature of revenge and Fortunate represents the negatives of alcohol. Fortunate has a false side to him, as he acts friendly towards Mentors, but deep down he knows he’s going to commit a crime. From just an insult we see how revenge has shaped this man’s thoughts. But the very definitively with which It was resolved precluded the Idea of risk. I must not only punish, but punish with Impunity.

” Mentors thinks he will not be punished Trot long an atrocious awe Even rater ten murder we see no remorse or guilt from killing his “friend”. Through the character we see the perverse and dark side of mankind. “He prided himself on his connoisseurship in wine,” Fortunate is very into is alcohol. It’s no surprise Fortunate is very drunk in the story, as it affects his perception. He turned towards me and looked into my eyes with two filmy orbs that distilled the rheum of intoxication. ” The alcohol has affected him so that he cannot see into Motocross’s soul and that he will be murdered. The alcohol has somewhat led him to his own death as he cannot put together what is happening. Even when being chained to the wall, the alcohol has caused him to not fight back and in the end, from what he cherished most, has led him to his downfall.

It shows Poe take on alcohol and is trying to show society harmful side to it as it seems society is blind to it.In “Master Harold and the boys” the characters have a huge role in dealing out the understanding of apartheid. Hall is a seventeen-year old white South African. “Oh well, so much for trying to give you a decent education. Vive obviously achieved nothing. ” Hall’s has had more education than the two men and performs the role of teacher when spending time with them.

Hall’s attitude has likely been shaped by the South African society in which he lives, where black people are considered inferior to white people, ” You’re only a servant in here, and don’t forget it” Hall says to Sam.Hall has had a lot of problems with his alcoholic and cripple father and from this often lashes out against his two black friends Sam and Wily. Sam is the Justice in this play trying to strengthen Hall’s faith, and separate him from Hall’s father’s fault. Throughout the text we see Sam always trying to reach his hand out to offer Hall help. However, Hall was blind against any advice offered and in the end we see him fall into racism.

From the character’s, society wants to reflect on the good ones and not the bad.

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