Conspiracies by passengers. There are a lot of conspiracy

Conspiracies of 9/11We all know the tragic terrorist attack that took place 17 years ago on September 11, 2001.

These were suicide terrorist on a mission to horrify the United States and send a message. There are many conspiracies that say it was not terrorist, but a matter of our government trying to get publicity. There were four planes that made attacks in America. The first two made attacks on the World Trade Center, the third plane hit the Pentagon, and the fourth was managed to be taken over by passengers. There are a lot of conspiracy theories involving this event. Some are the Controversy Swirling Over September 11 Pentagon Mystery claiming the engine part wasn’t from a cruise missile, In 1945 the ESB was hit by a B-25 bomber; however, the building did not fall.

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Why did the WTC?, the conspiracy about Hani Hanjour not being skilled enough to fly the plane the way he did, the story about a publisher who published the wrong story, and the one about the funeral being held for the remains of those who died on Flight 93, but all evidence points that these theories aren’t so accurate. The first conspiracy is the Controversy Swirling Over September 11 Pentagon Mystery this theory is going towards the damage done at the Pentagon. In the video it states that there was no damage on the building from the wings, and that no engine matches that type of plane. Also, that only an engineer can identify it, and the source used in the video admitted he could not identify the part.

According to researchers the engine part can be to almost any plane.  Karl Schwarz, a technical editor at the Bonn-based publication believes ” “it could be from any jet engine,” ‘ (Bollyn 3).  Another theory that relates to this is when it says that damage looks like a cruise missile, but sources say this was not caused by that. According the article, an unnamed former cruise missile engineer “this fan did not come from a cruise missile engine” (3).  In other words Loose Change is turning people away from the truth of what really happened at the Pentagon that day. The second theory was if the Empire State Building was bombed and didn’t fall then why did the World Trade Center. According to researchers not only was the B-25 bomber smaller, but the buildings were also constructed of different materials. “The B-25 was going 230 mph compared to the Boeing 767 going at 600 mph” (Examiner 1) that is a 370 mph difference of the two “accidents”, and the World Trade Center was made mostly of glass.

Lewis Mumford said, “the flimsy new skyscrapers were little more than very large “glass-and-metal filing cabinets” ‘(1).  Another part to this was that the Boeing 767 had almost a full fuel tank whereas the B-25 was going on an almost empty fuel tank. So with that being said a lot of factors take into the falling of the World Trade Center, and the Boeing 767 that took it down.The third conspiracy is the one about Hani Hanjour, and his flying skills. Hani was is credited for being the one to maneuver the Flight 77 into the west wing of the pentagon. Little do people know he failed his flight test that he was required to take due to the suspicions of his need to rent. He wrestled his way into the cockpit, and forcefully took over the plane from combat fighter pilot Charles Burlingame.

According to Loose Change the maneuvering of the plane was impossible for that type of plane, and Hani wasn’t a skilled enough flyer to fly the plane the way he did. “Once the aircraft was airborne, that he could have easily pointed it in any direction he wanted to and crash into a building”, said Marcel Bernard, Flight Instructor (Susteren 1).

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