Conspiracy Theory

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Last updated: November 9, 2019

Some people think that the Mafia were part of the assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy. There are a few reasons for the Mafia wanting him dead and don’t forget they are Organised crime so it is possible.A reason for the Mafia wanting John F.

Kennedy dead may have been that his brother Robert Kennedy was the attorney general and he wanted to take action against the more influential Mafia bosses. So the Mafia may have thought that if they killed John F. Kennedy there would be a change of administration and a change of attorney general.Another reason that the Mafia may have wanted John F.

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Kennedy dead might have related to their business interests in Cuba. The Mafia owned lots of bars and drinking clubs prior to the Cuban revolution in 1959, which was led by Fidel Castro. After Castro came to power the Mafia were kicked out basically. Initially the Mafia hoped that America would regain control of Cuba by force and they would be able to resume their operations there. However after the Cuban missile crisis John F. Kennedy came to a peaceful agreement with the Soviet Union, which meant that the use of force was no longer an option.This meant that the Mafia had to give up hope of regaining Cuba and control of their profitable businesses there. The Mafia were so annoyed about John F.

Kennedy not wanting Cuba back because they had very profitable gambling businesses. Also the Mafia had no worries of getting arrested in Cuba because the American government didn’t have much control over there so the Mafia could do what they like.The CIA was unhappy with John F.

Kennedy over Cuba because they thought that John F. Kennedy should take over Cuba by force and not by reaching a peaceful agreement. The CIA was planning on taking over the island by force with an invasion spearheaded by Cuban exiles. This was poorly organised and lead to the fiasco at the Bay of Pigs on 17th April 1961.

The CIA also wanted to assassinate Fidel Castro but was unsure as to John F. Kennedy’s backing for their plans. The CIA felt that John F. Kennedy was too soft on Fidel Castro and couldn’t be relied on to support their aggressive plans.Lee Harvey Oswald may have been linked with Jack Ruby through David Ferrie. David Ferrie may have recruited Lee Harvey Oswald.

David Ferrie also was employed by the Mafia as an adviser for Carlos Marcello and Jack Ruby had connections with the Mafia. This may have meant that Jack Ruby and Lee Harvey Oswald were friends or partners. Also Bobby Kennedy had brought a court action against Carlos Marcello so he may have hired Jack Ruby to help Lee Harvey Oswald with the assassination. However Jack Ruby was in financial trouble so he may have killed Lee Harvey Oswald for money or was forced to by his boss.

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